Want Long Hair & Nails Naturally? Read On...

Hi Everyone!

I've been asked quite a few times now how I manage to get my hair and nails so long so I thought I would make a post about my tips and tricks to help save you money on those expensive hair extensions and nail salon trips!


One of the things I feel has helped the most in keeping my hair and nails healthy, strong and long is my vegetarian diet. I eat a lot of Quorn food that is high in protein and it really makes a difference to your hair, nails, skin and overall health (Just to point out I'm a veggie because of my love for Animals and not vanity reasons). 

I tried taking Biotin last year to help grow my hair faster but quickly found out that you Must drink plenty of water when taking Biotin as it can bring you out in blemishes. I tried Biotin for a little while and it did make a positive difference to my hair (grew an inch within a few weeks, more shiny, stronger) but no matter how much water I drank my skin didn't seem to clear up. This isn't the same for everyone, it may be due to the fact that my skin is sensitive but if you're taking Biotin or plan to Take it...drink plenty of water!!!

Massage your scalp every night before bed to help stimulate growth and circulation in the scalp.

I went throuh a stage of washing my hair once every three days instead of everyday and found this effective as washing your hair everyday is not the best thing for your hair because you are stripping the hair of it's natural oils with each wash. 

I have my hair trimmed every 2 months. Find a good stylist and stick with that stylist. My stylist will trim as much as I want off my hair whereas some stylists out there will take a big chunk off when you ask for a trim so be careful!

Always condition your hair and use leave in conditioning sprays when you're having a chilled out day and not washing your hair to keep the hair moisturised.

When I blow dry my hair I always use products containing heat protection, Always put some heat protect product on your hair before using hair tools and try to cut down on how much you use Straighteners, curling wands etc. It's important to give the hair a rest from the heat and constant styling...wear your hair in a top bun, wash it and let it dry naturally instead of using a hair dryer every now and then just to give your hair a break.


As mentioned before I think one of the reasons for my strong, healthy nails is my Vegetarian diet mostly of Quorn foods. I drink a lot of milk and Almond Milk too.

Invest in a realy good hand and nail cream. Lately I've been using NSPA's Intensive Anti-Ageing Hand Cream This cream smells Gorgeous and contains SPF15 as well as other Anti-Ageing properties. This cream also contains Vitamin B5 to help strengthen your nails and cuticles. 

File your nails regularly to avoid any rough edges catching and ripping the nail. I prefer to use the sandpaper type files not the metal files. I find metal files can damage my nails.

File your nails when there is still polish on them to avoid any splitting or breakages.

I paint my nails once a week (every Sunday). My trick is to paint underneath the nail also so you have that added extra strength on the nail. You can use either your chosen colour or a clear polish. It also makes the underneath nails look more flattering than dull. 

You can find some of my Fave Nail Looks and Polishes Here!!

So there you have it! My Tips/Tricks for growing your hair and nails, simple, straightforward and not breaking the bank!

Hope you've found my tips/tricks useful, Have you any methods you find work for growing hair/nails? Share them below.

Thanks as Always for reading x