Storytime | Hair Salon Drama!!!!

Hey fabulous reader of my blog (Thank you, I appreciate it) but you may want to grab a cup of tea or coffee to help you along this ‘bumpy ride’ of a blog post!

I was in two minds whether to write this post but I thought it would make me feel better if I wrote it down and obviously cheer up others who could relate lol!
Ok, here goes….

As it’s my Day off today and I’ve been needing a bit of hair TLC I was hoping to have my hair done at my Fave place ‘Toni & Guy’, unfortunately I couldn’t get an appointment so I thought I’d try the little hair salon around the corner from where I live.

So, I booked the appointment yesterday for 9am and all seemed well. I was looking forward to having a little trim and colour just to freshen up my hair.

I arrived at the tiny salon (which is run by two women, but only one women was working today, aged about late 20’s, early 30’s) a couple of minutes early and walked in smiling and said ‘Hi, morning, I’m here for my 9am appointment’. There was this woman who stood up from the chair she was sitting in and if looks could kill…..She greeted me with a frosty look, no smile, no hello, nothing!

‘What is it your having done’ she said with a snap and a frosty glare. Feeling really uncomfortable I said in a soft voice ‘Um, just a little trim and a colour’. She already knew I was having this done because we’d talked about it the day before on the phone when I booked the appointment.

Next thing I knew she put the black shawl thing around me (not sure of the correct name of it) and again with a stern expression said ‘Could you sit here please’. I sat down and was thinking about how this was going to be a nightmare of an appointment because I was going to be there for a while having the colour done and the atmosphere was awful.

I was shoved a folder of hair colour samples and ‘told’ to pick one. The whole situation was weird. I told her what I wanted and she sighed and started running her fingers through my hair. ‘Your hair is very dark and long isn’t it’? she said, still in the frosty tone. I decided to try and make small talk to see if I could ‘de-ice’ the situation. I asked her if she’d had an early start this morning and must get busy with appointments on the run up to Christmas (not exactly the most fabulous of conversation pieces but I had to do something). The silences were awkward.

She had the colour ready and started basically slapping it onto my head with the little spatula. She was pulling my hair quite tight as well, too tight for my liking. I continued to try and make small talk with her giving me short, stern answers.
Once my head (and half my face, ears and neck) were covered with the colour she walked away to another room, didn’t offer me a magazine to read or a coffee. I just sat there thinking ‘Ok, let’s just get on with this, it’ll soon be over’.

Suddenly this older man walked in and asked me ‘Is she in’?. I just looked at him and said ‘yeah’. He then shouted ‘Oi, get your arse out here and give me a haircut’ to which she appeared. This guy turned out to be her Dad. I just kinda sat there keeping myself to myself and being ignored by the two of them as they had this loud conversation about money, his marriage problems (things that I felt were a bit too personal to be talking about in front of a stranger).

Whilst this was going on, her colleague (the other woman who owned the salon) came in with her son. Her son who looked about 4 (I’m guessing) preceded to scream continuously non-stop. I felt sorry for his mum who said to the frosty woman and her dad ‘I brought him in for a bloody haircut but I can’t stand this, gonna go’.
I was sat there staring at the walls, my nails, my shoes….anything because I was feeling really out of place. The lady with the Screaming son and the Dad finally left and the silence returned.

Then something strange happened (as if things hadn’t been strange enough). Again I tried to make conversation as she took me over to the sink by asking what part of Yorkshire her Dad was from because he had a strong accent (don’t ask, I’d run out of things to say at this point) and to my surprise she started smiling and telling me stories about him. The atmosphere started to relax a little which made me feel a bit better until she started washing the colour out of my hair and nearly practically drowned me! She was pulling really hard at my hair and didn’t seem to take any care with the water. Half my face was soaking and by the end of it half my make up was off, my ears were soaking and my clothes were wet too.

When this was done I sat back in the other chair to have my hair dried and cut. She didn’t ask me what I wanted cut or how much to take off, she just did it! I would’ve said something but couldn’t get a word in edgeways because now out of nowhere she started talking about how she’d had the year from hell, her husband slept with her sister and all these family problems she had. She also started talking about the other woman who worked with her and telling me about her problems with her son and family. It was odd cause I wasn’t saying a thing, it was like I wasn’t even there, she just could not stop talking from one subject to the next.

It was like I was a psychiatrist or something. She did towards the end (maybe because I sat there and listened to her talk about her problems and was empathetic with her) start to let the frosty attitude slide and even smiled back at me.

I didn’t know what to make of the situation. My hair turned out to be not 100% what I wanted (I wanted a lighter colour but she’d just put on another version of the hair colour I originally had) but in the end I couldn’t be bothered…my roots were done, my split ends were away and that was good enough for me, it could’ve been worse!
I told her that I loved my hair (I kinda felt sorry for her because she’d had troubles) and even gave her a tip. I couldn’t be bothered with anymore drama.

When I left the salon I felt crap (I’m not going to lie). What was supposed to be a nice treat turned out to be a uncomfortable and odd situation.

Next time I will stick to Toni & Guy. You’d expect Toni & Guy to be bitchy but the one I normally go to isn’t, it’s fabulous! They have great customer service and offer you a cup of tea and a magazine. It’s a bit more pricey though but I’d say it’s worth it! They’ve always done my hair exactly how I want it and I’ve always left feeling fabulous.

So, I don’t know if there’s any lesson to be learned by this except that I’ll be going to Toni & Guy in future.

I’m not going to name and shame this salon basically because she did say she had problems and maybe she didn’t realise she was being a bitch, I don’t know but it’s not worth creating more drama. It feels better to just write about it here and get it off my chest lol.

Thank you for baring with me with this post. Have you had an crazy hair salon experinces before? Leave your links/comments below x