Smoother, Glossier, Stronger hair is just a spray away!

During the Summer and Winter months I find that my hair can be extra dry at the ends due to the change in Temperature and daily wear and tear. As I have long hair, I tend to use a lot of products to help tame frizz and to keep it smooth, however, despite the products I use I'm still susceptible to dry, lifeless ends even when I go for the regular trim.

That was until, this little beauty came into my life! The 'Osmo' Deep Moisture Dual Action Miracle Repair leave in conditioner spray. 

I'd never tried any Leave in Conditioner sprays before but I'm loving this one. My hair is left looking healthier, full of life, shiny and smooth from root to more dry, lifeless ends!!!

I've been using this product for the past couple of weeks and noticed a big difference in my hair, it feels more smoother, more manageable and stronger. This product is perfect if you have dry/damaged hair. I also adore the scent, it reminds me of Coconuts, Beaches and Summer.

I use this product on both wet and dry hair and find that it works just as well on both. The spray is formulated with extracts of Pataua Oil and Keratin Complex 

You can find out more about Osmo's Deep Moisture Dual Action Miracle Repair spray, as well as their other products Here!! 

Find out where you can purchase Osmo Products Here!!

You can find Osmo on Twitter: @OsmoUK

Prices vary depending where you purchase from, but I found The Osmo Deep Moisture Spray on the website for £6.50 (250ml)

Have you tried any of Osmo's hair products? Which would you recommend? 

Thanks, as always for checking out my post! Happy Hair Pampering!!!