Virgin Mojito!! @TheBodyShopUK #HappySkin

Have you managed to get your hands on the Special Edition 'Virgin Mojito' Range by The Body Shop yet? 

Take a leaf out of my book and snap up some of these Gorgeous, Summery, Refreshing Goodies whilst you can cause they are proving popular with Beauty Bloggers and Pampering Enthusiasts. Another thing I like about this range is that it can be Unisex. 

The minty, Lime/Citrus scent makes it refreshingly perfect for both men and women. This range is also perfect for this time of year when your skin can feel kind of stuffy and you need something cooling on the skin. I loved how my skin felt like it was able to breath and had a cooling sensation, cooling my skin down and enabling it to feel soft, moisturised and comforted especially as the nights are starting to get warmer. 

I've been using all 5 products in the Range and I'm in Love with them, my skin feel so much better and I feel so much better. I don't feel as hot and bothered because the products leave me feeling cooled down and refreshed but also invigorated.

I love how refreshingly unique and summery this range is.

In The Body Shop's New Virgin Mojito range you'll find:

- 'Virgin Mojito' Shower Gel 250ml, Retailed at £4.00: This shower gel left my skin smelling absolutely Gorgeous, refreshed and more awake! I also added a few drops of this under running water and it gave me a lovely big Bubblebath full of Minty/Citrusy Bubbles. 

- 'Virgin Mojito' Body Butter, 200ml, Retailed at £13.00:  If you're a regular reader of my Blog, you'll know I have an Obsession with The Body Shop's Strawberry Range and buy it religiously. Well, I have to say that this Body Butter is fast becoming my Favourite even more so than my Favourite Strawberry Body Butter. I loved the refreshing feeling on my skin after stepping out of the bath and the scent. This Body butter melts into the skin and doesn't leave a sticky residue. You'll find I use the word 'refreshing' a lot in this post to describe these products because that's what they do and they make you feel fabulously fresh!!

- 'Virgin Mojito' Body Splash, 300ml, Retailed at £16.00:  I just completely adore this body splash. At first I wasn't sure what to do with it as I thought it might be a body wash, I read the label and found that it was a body splash to apply after your bath/shower to keep you feeling refreshed. I apply it after Bath/Shower but also when I need to cool down a little bit or need a little refreshing boost. Like the other products in the range, the scent is a zingy Lime with Caribbean Mint. You are instantly freshened up when you splash a little of this (or how much you want) Gorgeousness on your skin.

- 'Virgin Mojito' Body Scrub, 250ml, Retailed at £15.00:  I Love this Zesty, Uplifting, Refreshing and cooling body scrub. It gently exfoliates the skin, removing dead skin and impurities leaving the skin, soft and silky and smelling minty/Citrusy fresh.

- 'Virgin Mojito' Body Sorbet, 200ml, Retailed at £8.00:  As with the other Body Shop Body Sorbets, the Virgin Mojito doesn't disappoint. Like the Body Butter it melts into the skin without a sticky residue. The cream is thinner than the Body butter but still carries the Gorgeous Zesty Fragrance and leaves the skin, soft, silky, thoroughly hydrated and refreshed. 

It's no wonder that the 'Virgin Mojito' range have  rave reviews, I'm practically obsessed with it. It's my new Favourite and I'm looking forward to using the range regularly through the summer. I love how Summery and Tropical the Fragrance is too, you can just pictures the palm trees, the beach and the 'Mojito's' at the bar with the straws and little umbrellas. You know a product is good when you get those images in your head! 

You can find these products Here!! on The Body Shop website or Instore! 

*The Body Shop offers Free Delivery when you spend over £25 in the UK*

As you no doubt know, another reason for loving The Body Shop is that their products are not tested on Animals!!!

Have you tried any of these Fabulous products yet? If not, which ones are on your wish list?

Thanks as always for reading!!! : )