#NSPA #CrueltyFree-Fruity-Bubbly Goodness for only £3!!

One of my Favourite things is a Bubblebath, it's my essential remedy if I'm feeling stressed or run down and I've just been in a Gorgeous tub filled with Bubbles which I didn't want to get out of.

It may be the child in me but I love LOTS of Bubbles when I'm in the bath and I love a Gorgeous scented Bubblebath too. 

Imagine if you could have a Bubblebath that also doubles as a shower gel, gives you big long lasting Bubbles, An Amazingly scrumptious fruity scent (which makes you want to eat the Bubbles), gives you that luxurious 'I've just had a bath and I feel all relaxed' feeling and leaves your skin feeling silky soft and smelling delicious...

Well, Imagine no more cause I have the answer...Created by the Experts at the no1 Day spa in the UK  'Nirvana' comes the 'NSPA' range and they have these Scrumptious shower and bath gel's that contain fruit extracts and smell absolutely gorgeous (so tempting they are almost good enough to eat - but don't) 

You'll be taking the lid off the gel and inhaling the gorgeous fruity scent and when you use it in your bath/shower your whole bathroom will smell so fruity and Gorgeous!

I'm currently loving the 'Seriously Intense Passion Fruit' Shower & Bath Gel but other Gorgeous scents include: Fresh Sweet Raspberry, Sweet and Tropical Mango, Rich Golden and Runny Honey, Refreshing and Zesty  Lime, Bright Pink Grapefruit, Luscious Juicy Red Cherry, Soft & Sweet Peach, Vanilla, Moisturising Shea Butter, Exotically Creamy Coconut. 

They also have the same Scrumptiously fruity scents available in Body Sprays, Body Butters and Body Scrubs.

Another Amazing fact as well as these products bursting with natural ingredients, vitamins and fruit extracts..... They are not tested on Animals!!!! #CrueltyFree 

Oh, Actually there is something else that's Amazing about these Yummy Shower & Bath Gel's....They are only £3.00!!! Bargain!

You can find the products mentioned above and more on the 'NSPA' Website!! and you can also find the NSPA products both Instore and Online Exclusively at ASDA!! 

The pictures above are of 'Seriously Intense Passion Fruit' Shower and Bath Gel and the pic that looks like a white square is actually my attempt at taking pictures of the Amazing Bubbles this product creates, as you can see the bubbles are so big they take over the picture!!.

I Love this product and I've heard so much positive reviews about the other scents, can't wait to try them. Have you tried any of the NSPA Shower & Bath Gels yet? which is your Fave Scent?

I Still can't believe this Amazing product is only £3.00 and such Amazing Quality.

Happy Pampering!!

*With the bottle I got there was a free sample of the NSPA Radiant Flash Serum, this may not be available on other bottles*