All Bases Covered!

Finding the perfect Primer that covers all bases can be tricky especially if you have sensitive, oily/shiny skin like me,  that's why I'm a little bit Obsessed with NSPA's 'Instant Blur Primer' 

I have oily/sensitive/shiny skin with some open pores so I wanted a primer that was going to be kind to my skin, minimize the pores and reduce shine but was also not too pricey!! 

I was really impressed with the NSPA 'Instant Blur Primer' hence why I've called this post 'All bases covered' because it really does cover all the bases, Suitable for all skin types especially sensitive skin, improves the skin tone, reduces the appearance of fine lines and gives your skin that smooth, even base for your make up. 

The primer contains Ginseng and Vitamin E which are well known for their Amazing skin benefits.

I apply the primer before I put my make up on and I like how awake and smooth it makes my skin look and feel, My skin isn't shiny and my pores are minimized. The tube contains 25ml and you only need to squeeze a little amount onto your fingertips and smooth over the face. You can use as much as you desire but I find a thin layer works just as well. A little goes a long way with this product and it doesn't have a fragrance to it. 

The NSPA Instant primer is a bargain at £7.00!!!

As you may already know NSPA (Nirvana Spa) is the UK's no1 Day spa and their experts have created the Amazing NSPA's products which includes Luxurious Bathing, Skincare, Fragrance and Scented Candles. 

All NSPA products are cruelty free and you can find them on the NSPA Website!! as well as Exclusively at both ASDA Online! and Instore.

This is a must for anyone's Make up bag and creates the perfect base for your Make up! 

You can also read my thoughts on NSPA's Seriously Intense Passion fruit Bath and Shower Gel! (Remember you can pick the Seriously Intense Passion fruit bath & shower gel (or the other scrumptious scents plus more fabulous NSPA products) up from the NSPA website or Asda Online/Instore for only £3)

Thanks for reading! What are your Fave NSPA products, which should I try next? Leave your links/comments below and I'll follow your blog/respond! : )