@Superdrug Face & Bikini Wax Strips!

We all have that dreaded moment when we are out and about and check our make up and in a certain light notice the little upper lip hairs have made another unwelcomed appearance hoping nobody else notices. Chances are nobody notices but you still feel that little bit of paranoia, I know I do.

So this is another important part of the Girly maintenance that we have to attend to, some people bleach their upper lip (I've never done this), thread the upper lip & other unwanted hair on the face, opt for the pricey visit to the salon to have it waxed off and some like me prefer to get the cheap and easy wax strips and take care of it at home.

I've been using Superdrug's 'Face and Bikini' wax strips for a while now and have been impressed with the results! I have sensitive skin and have used other wax strips in the past and ended up looking like I'd been punched in the mouth but these are great, there's no redness or irritation afterwards and the skin on my upper lip was left smooth and hair free for around 3/4 weeks.

The last time I used the strips was about 3 weeks ago so I'm probably due for another waxing next week but the results are great so it is an essential product for me. 

The pack contains 20 pre-coated strips and 2 moisturising finishing wipes (containing wheat germ oil) and info leaflet. 

You can find the Superdrug Face & Wax Bikini Strips Here! on their website or instore, they retail at £4.29!

Happy Waxing!! : )