De-Stress with @NipAndFab Yoga Blend Body Wash/Body Scrub

I've fallen in love with Nip+Fab's products, I can't get enough of them and I'm not the only one as it seems to be the brand on everyone's must have list including the Glamourpuss Kylie Jenner's.  I've been treating myself to the Nip+Fab delights of their Dragons Blood Plumping Serum, Mask, Glycolic Fix Cleanser and their De-Stress Yoga Blend Body wash and body scrub. 

You can find all the products mentioned above Here!!!! on the Nip+Fab website! They are also on Twitter: @NipAndFab I will be doing a review of my thoughts on which Nip+Fab products I've used so far in upcoming posts but for this post I'll be focusing on my new pampering obsessions.....The Yoga Blend Body Wash and The Body Blend Yoga Scrub!

First of all I adore Lavender and the Yoga Blend Body Wash combines it with Coconut oil and Rose so you can imagine it smells absolutely Gorgeous. and it leaves your skin feeling Amazing, relaxed, de-stressed and smelling so Gorgeous. 

I'm not the only one obsessed with this as I've noticed my boyfriend keeps pinching it (and the Yoga scrub) and he swears by it also. He used it the other day before work and said he felt so relaxed and de-stressed that he wanted to just climb into bed but obviously had to go to work lol. 

You can find the Yoga Blend Body Wash (500ml) on the Nip+Fab website for only £8.99 (You can also find Nip+Fab products at ) 

The Body Blend Yoga Scrub also contains the Lavender, Coconut Oil and Rose giving it that Gorgeously Relaxing scent to help de-stress and unwind you. It also contains microscrub beads and walnut shell to help gently exfoliate and buff the skin. After using the scrub your skin feels fresh, new, silky soft, relaxed and soothed. Kylie Jenner has said that she uses the scrub before bed as it helps relax her and I agree. 

These products are perfect for pampering yourself after a hectic day or when you just want to unwind and de-stress. 

You can find the Body Blend Yoga Scrub (200ml) on the Nip+Fab website for £9.99. I love that these Amazing products are at an affordable price too. There is also free delivery for UK customers if you spend over £10 on the Nip+Fab website.

"I use a lot of scrubs. The Yoga scrub is really amazing and I love the lavender scent. I like to use it before bed because it calms me". -Kylie Jenner

What are your Fave products so far from the Nip+Fab range? Leave comments/Links below!!

Happy Pampering!!