#Neighbours30thAnniversary Tag

Can you believe it's been 30 years since the Australian Soap Opera first graced our screens? I decided to create this Tag for everyone who loves Neighbours and look back on Fave moments from the Soap : )

Happy 30th Anniversary Neighbours!!!!

Neighbours began in 1985 and is still on our screens to this day and hopefully will continue going strong for another 30 years and beyond!!!!

So I Tag every Neighbours fan to have a go at this for fun and see what memories pop up (Oh, the Nostalgia)

Q1) When did you start watching Neighbours?

It was in the late 80's early 90's. My sister was a big fan of the show and after School we'd watch Neighbours and Home & Away. We were hooked and never missed an episode!

Q2) Who were you Fave Characters in the show?

I loved Scott and Charlene (I was a big Kylie and Jason fan when I was younger), Madge and Harold, Jim Robinson.

Q3) Which Episode of Neighbours made you cry the most?

I remember crying bucket loads when Mrs Daniels died

Q4) Do you have a Fave Episode of Neighbours?

Scott and Charlene's wedding!!! : )

Q5) Who in your opinion is the Sexiest Female Character so far in the history of Neighbours?


Q6) Who in your opinion is the sexiest Male Character so far in the history of Neighbours?

Brad Willis!!

Q7) Do you have a Fave Neighbours Villain? 

Paul Robinson

Q8)A few Stars of Neighbours have gone on to have Music & Film Careers, who would you say has had the most success following the Soap?

Kylie, Guy Pearce, Alan Dale, Jason Donovan

Q9) Which storyline most surprised you?

When Harold Bishop came back from the dead

Q10) And Finally....Do you know the Neighbours Theme tune off by heart? 

Of course!!!!

Thanks for reading & leave your links/comments below & I'll follow your blog : ))

Much Love as always : )) x