20 Questions about #DirtyDancing

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Hope you're having a Great Day so far!! I'm not sure if there's already been a tag on this but I decided to create one anyway and it's to do with one of my Fave movies of all time....Dirty Dancing!

Just for fun, feel free to have a go at this yourself : )

Q1) What age were you when you first saw the movie Dirty Dancing?

A) I think I was about 5, My sister was and is a massive fan of Patrick Swayze. I used to sneak into her room to watch it lol.

Q2) Who was your Fave Female Character and why? 

A) I really liked the Penny character. I think it was because she was Glamorous and such an Amazing Dancer.

Q3) Who was your Fave Male Character?

A) Johnny ofcourse : )

Q4) What's your Fave scene in the movie and why?

A) Hard to answer because there's so many but the ending where Johnny and Baby do the final dance, it's one of those scenes that even though I've seen it so many times it's still exciting : )

Q5) Which is your Fave song of the movie and why?

A) It has to be 'She's like the wind', It's a gorgeous song and nobody can sing it like Patrick Swayze, you can feel his heart and soul in the lyrics.

Q6) Did you know that the Actor Billy Zane was hoping to land the part of Johnny in Dirty Dancing, do you think he would have done the role justice?

A) I think there was only one person who could play Johnny and that was Patrick Swayze.

Q7) Roughly, how many times a year do you watch Dirty Dancing?

A) I would say that I watch Dirty Dancing about 5 times a year, I have no idea how many times in total I've watched it but it would probably run into about a 1000 or something lol.

Q8) Who was your least Fave Character?

Robbie Gould ofcourse : D 

Q9) Have you seen the Dirty Dancing Live Show?

A) Not yet, but I would like to : )

Q10) What is your Fave Line from Dirty Dancing? 

A) I have a few but one that comes to mind is  'I'm scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I'm with you' 

Q11) What is your least Fave line?

A) I don't think I have one : D

Q12) Would you go to Kellermans for a vacation if you could?

A) Yes! : )

Q13) What did you think of the Sequel to Dirty Dancing, Havana Nights?

A) I remember being annoyed that they made it cause Dirty Dancing was such a classic you can't top it. It was Ok, not that fabulous in my opinion. I saw it once and haven't seen it again.

Q14) Did you practice some of the dance moves from the movie?

A) Ofcourse, I think everyone has at some point. I love the wedding dances that pop up on you tube of couples re-enacting the final dance.

Q15) How did you feel when you heard that Patrick Swayze had passed away?

A) I was shocked and devastated : ( He was such an Amazing person as well as Amazing actor. I admired him so much, I remember it hit my sister very hard. I have read his book that he wrote with his wife and watched his final interview before his death, it's heartbreaking! Nobody could ever take his place. 

Q16) After Dirty Dancing the Actress who played Baby (Jennifer Grey) had a nose job that dramatically changed her appearance so much so that people didn't recognise her and it affected her career, what are your thoughts on this?

A) I thought she was pretty as she was but obviously it was her decision, it's a shame that it had an impact on her career.

Q17) Do you know any Trivia facts from the Movie?

A) The scene where Johnny runs his hand down Baby's arm and she laughs was real, they had to do take after take because Jennifer couldn't  stop laughing, they ended up leaving it in : ) 

Q18) Do you have a Fave Dance Scene in the movie? 

A) Again it's to do with the finale but I love the scene where Johnny jumps off the stage and dances down the isle with the other Dancers behind him.

Q19) Do you have a Fave outfit from the movie?

A) I remember white jeans were always associated with the movie and shoulder tops : ) I think my Fave outfit would be Baby's dress in the final scene because it's so simple and pretty.

Q20) Why do you think Dirty Dancing has stood the test of time and remains a Fave to this day?

A) I think because people of all ages can relate to it and the soundtrack is Amazing, the Characters/Actors are Amazing. It just ticks all the boxes : )

Well, that's it, hope you enjoyed reading my answers, I look forward to reading yours (if you decided to have a go at this) : )

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