What I'm loving right now!

Hope you're all well and having a fabulous February so far, this year is going quick!!

I thought I'd share some of the products I've been loving so far this month....here we go:

My Strawberry Obsession continues, along with my usual 'The Body Shop' Shower Gel/Lip Balm/Body Scrub, I've now added their 'Strawberry Beautifying Oil' to my collection. It's Gorgeous! I love applying it after bath/shower or when I fancy a bit of shimmer (add a little bronzer or blush to your skin) it retails at £9.00.

Love as always 'Lush' and I've been using their 'Rose Jam Shower Gel' and 'Turkish Delight shower smoothie' Smell like gorgeous roses with smooth skin at the same time. I thought the 'Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie' made not only a fabulous body soap (it had a creamy texture not solid but I liken it to more of a soap than a gel) but it gave a really close shave on my legs and underarms.

You've probably seen these cause they're everywhere but I'm still a fan of the Carex handwashes, Strawberry Shoelaces and Cola Bottles! I got mine at my local supermarket for £1.80.

I've mentioned it before on my Twitter but I Love the 'Wilkinson Sword Intuition Naturals Sensitive Care Razor (Superdrug ~ £6.49) and Razors (Superdrug ~ £6.79) The razors are coated with an Aloe Vera Shower Cream which also contains vitamin E. It smells divine and your skin is left feeling smooth, sleek and gorgeous. You can literally go into the shower or bath with this razor and not need any shower gel or cream. I love it!

If you're on a budget and looking for a bargain, check out 'Raspberry and Pomegranate Bath & Shower gel' you get a decent sized 500ml bottle for £1.00 from Iceland! It smells gorgeous. I put a few drops of it in my bath water whilst the tap is running and it creates lots of Fabulous bubbles!

Still saying prayers for Bobbi Kristina. The crazy stories are still flying around the web. The trolls/media need to let the family and Kristina have their privacy.

If you haven't already (and you're in the UK) you must check out the Fabulous Prof David Wilson's 'Killer Psychopaths' Channel 5 on Tuesdays 9pm. You can catch up on demand with the two previous episodes. You can tweet him at  @ProfDavidWilson he kindly responds to tweets when the show is on and answers questions.

I haven't seen '50 shades of grey' but I've sure heard about it non stop! A lot of people saying it was glossing up domestic violence? Have you seen it? What's your opinion? Leave comments with your links below!

Thank you for checking out this post. Much love as always!! : ) x