Bobbi Kristina!

Like many people I've been keeping Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina in my prayers.

Krissy (as people close to her call her) was found face down in her bathtub last weekend which sadly echoed her mothers death three years ago. At the moment the full circumstances remain unclear and the police are investigating. The two other people present at the house at the time were Bobbi Kristina's 'husband' and a friend of theirs but there are quite a few rumours and questions being raised about what happened and what they had to do with it.

Bobbi Kristina is in an induced coma in the hospital fighting for her life since she was rushed there last weekend.

I was and am really disturbed by some of the heartless tweets I've seen on Twitter and also by some of the press. Reports of her death, life support being switched off, her will, family fighting, details of her mother and father's previous drug use etc. There's no decency or respect and to add to it some people (who I'd consider to be Trolls) are tweeting that she's ugly & needs plastic surgery!! What kind of world do we live in????

In my opinion I think she's beautiful, she has her own style and features that makes her different and beautiful in her own way. Her mother adored her as does her father who've both made their mark in music history so I quess there's a lot of envious people out there who, even at this moment in her life feel the need to say pathetic things on Twitter to distract themselves from their insecurities.

It is an uncertain time right now and heartbreaking but we mustn't give up praying for her and hoping that she comes through this. She's had a lot to deal with in her 21 years and she deserves a break. Money isn't everything and having famous parents is quite a heavy burden to carry because people expect you to continue the success of your parents. It's crazy that some people expected her to be a 'mini whitney'. She is her own person and given time (she's only 21) she may go on (Godwilling) to be an Actress, singer...who knows but it's her decision and hope that she makes a full recovery.

Keep Praying for Bobbi Kristina ♥