Ted Bundy: The Only Living Witness!!

If you're a Criminology Enthusiast or have a general interest in reading about Serial Killers and their backgrounds/crimes then this book is for you.

Ted Bundy was dubbed 'Americas First Celebrity Serial Killer'. His crimes shocked and horrified the world and changed the public perception of what a 'Serial Killer' is. Before Bundy some people liked to believe that Serial Killers were basically green eyed monsters but Bundy shocked everyone and professionals because he didn't fit the stereotype. University Educated, well spoken, handsome some would say and charming.

It was difficult for psychologists and Criminologists to put a 'label' on Bundy because he didn't fit their idea of what a Serial Killer was. He was as some say the Original Sociopath and came across as very Charismatic. 

To someone who had no idea who Bundy was would think he was a nice educated guy (if you watch any of his court appearances or Interviews you will see how he would try to come across as charming and well spoken) but when you read of the horrific acts he commited it's quite hard to believe that such an evil individual could exist.

This book is very dark and quite graphic in places so it's not for the faint hearted. This book has been described as an essential for Criminology students as part of their studying and is one of the closest, most accurate books on Bundy you are likely to read. 

The book isn't laid out like a textbook, it's very easy to follow but it is quite disturbing in places. A lot of the book is based on interviews and conversations with Bundy and he often refers to himself in the third person which is quite common amongst Serial Killers when talking about their crimes. Serial Killers don't usually talk about what they've done and like to speak as if it was someone else who commited the crimes.

Ted once described himself (and many would agree) as ''The Coldest Son Of A Bitch you will ever meet''

Some of Ted Bundys victims. Psychologists and Police believe he may have murdered many more. Serial Killers often have commited more crimes than they have been charged for due to lack of evidence.

Ted Bundy was executed by Electric Chair on January 24th 1989. He came into this world under strange circumstances being told from an early age that his mother was his sister and his grandparents were his parents. During his last interview (you can find it on Youtube) in his last hours he blames a lot of his actions on violent pornography. 

Various other books have been written about Bundy and he is one of the most studied Serial Killers in history. There have been various documentaries available on Youtube such as 'Born To Kill' and a movie 'Ted Bundy' was made in 2002 starring Michael Rilly Burke (This is also available on Youtube). Burke gives a convincing and chilling performance as Bundy but the film I find difficult to watch as it is quite disturbing.

There's so much information, documentaries etc available about Ted Bundy to further your reading or wanting to know more but this book is an essential as it is most true and 'straight from the horses mouth'.

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Have you read this book? What are your thoughts?

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