Professional Wax at home!! @NairUK

If, like me you've spent years spending a fortune on various 'Hair Removal' products from one brand to the other, you'll know how expensive it can be. I've tried all different types of hair removal products and spent a fortune at beauty salons too. Sometimes you give up and just reach for the razor cause a particular product has only done half the job.

I was lucky enough to be one of the bloggers who got to try out and review the 'Nair - Washable Roll On Wax'. When it arrived in the post I was impressed with the size of the box and what the listed contents were.  The description ticked all the boxes for me...Suitable for Sensitive, dry skin, Argan Oil and Orange Blossom Extract, Professional Results, Results that last up to 4 weeks etc. I couldn't wait to get started (which is strange....who gets excited for waxing lol) 

To cut a long story short..this is quick (you could practically do this on your lunch break), non messy and........ REUSABLE!!!! The 10 strips are reusable and washable. Perfect for taking everywhere with you if you're travelling. 

The box contains:

- 1 x 100ml bottle of Nair Washable Roll - On Wax with Applicator
-10 x Washable, Reusable, non - woven Strips
- 1 stand
- 1 Instruction leaflet (must be read prior to use)

Sooooooo, what you do is:

* Pop the bottle in the microwave (all the instructions/times etc are on the box/in the leaflet. Remember to take safety precautions)

*  Slowly roll the wax applicator over the area to be waxed in the direction (Oh and the wax smells divine) of hair growth applying a thin layer which is not longer than the strip

* Quickly place the Strip onto the area of wax and smooth down firmly in the direction of hair growth 

* Hold the skin taut with one hand and pick up the bottom of the strip and rapidly remove in a brisk movement in opposite direction to wax application.

* Wash the area with warm soapy water, rinse with clear water and pat dry with a towel...and there you have it!!!

Simple, Quick and you'll feel like you've just stepped out of the beauty salon!

I Love this product (and I'm not just saying that) I feel all silky smooth and my skin feels great, no irritation or redness. I feel like I've had a wax done at a beauty spa and I haven't even had to leave home or spend a fortune : )

Just to add: The wax also removes hair as short as 1mm so you don't have to worry about that 'Kiwi' period as I like to call it : ) 

The Washable Roll on Wax is just one of many Amazing value for money products they have in the Argan Oil range, check out the Nair website Here!!!!!!

The Nair Washable Roll On Wax retails at £12.99 from Boots! and to keep up to keep up to date with all their latest products, competitions etc, follow them Here On Twitter!!!!!!!!

Thank you as always for reading my post, Have you tried any of the Nair products? I'm looking forward to checking out their other products and I will be including the Nair Washable Roll On Wax in my Girly Maintenance routine from now on!

Happy Waxing!!!!