Argan Oil for £1.99?

You've probably noticed that 'Argan Oil' and products containing Argan Oil seem to be everywhere at the moment. 

Well, I'm one of the last to jump on the bandwagon and I'm glad I waited. When the hype first started the prices for Argan Oil (and products containing Argan Oil) were through the roof and I wasn't really tempted to buy a bottle at £15.00 when I was happy with the hair products I was using at that time.

My hairdresser is Fabulous and although it's not what she's supposed to do in her Job, she points me in the direction of Haircare 'Dupes'  basically the same quality/similar product but for less the price.

I already spend a fortune on my hair treatments at the salon and sometimes I will buy some of the products they recommend as I really like 'Label M' but I wasn't in a hurry to try the Argan Oil product especially as they were retailing it in a little bottle for £15.00.

My hairdresser recommended that I check out 'Bodycare' (It's a UK shop that sells Toiletries and Cosmetics) as they had 'cheaper' Argan Oil products...

I came across this bottle of Argan Oil which looked similar to the one they had in the salon (see I'm careful not to mention names cause I do love the Salon I go to lol) which was also 100ml. In bodycare this Argan Oil was priced at £1.99!!!!

So I snapped it up......and I love it!!!

I'm glad I waited and got one that was at a cheaper price but it's shocking to think that some people are still paying £15+ when they could be paying as little as £2 for the same product. Browse as much as you can and check out Bodycare if you're in the UK

I've been going through a painful ear infection this week so I've not been able to wash my hair as much, I've been using some of this through my hair and it's kept my hair looking shiny, smooth, soft, silky and smells gorgeous.

If you tend to get dry frizzy ends in this weather, this product is great for keeping the tips smooth. 

Are you a fan of Argan Oil products? what are your thoughts on it?

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Much Love : )) x