Back in the 90's we all knew 'Trolls' as the Cute little collectable, colourful haired dolls that made us smile. Today the word/name 'Trolls' has a different meaning, especially when it comes to Social Media. 

I'd been thinking about writing a post about Trolls for a while and when the story broke yesterday on the news about the 'Troll' 'Sweepyface' who created a Twitter account to target the McCann family and not to mention the daily Trolls we see on Twitter (and other social media sites) who spend their 'Lifes' (we'll use the term 'Lives' here very loosely) sending Vile comments to people whilst hiding behind a computer with no profile pictures!

Some of us, when we see a negative tweet sent to us just block it and move on cause we are so used to seeing these saddos looking for attention. That's the best thing to do is just block! Don't respond! 

As someone who's into Make Up, Michael Jackson, Animal Rights you can imagine some of the Trolls that have popped up on my Timeline on Twitter but they get bored cause I don't respond, I just block.

Back in 2009 I started a Twitter account (I've had quite a few lol) and it was all fun in the beginning and I started following this account that had a little cartoon as the profile picture. This person who was male would tweet jokes and had quite a lot of followers. Weeks went by and I was tweeting a male follower of mine (he was genuine, own profile picture, link to his facebook on his bio, even his location which I thought was a bit risky for him to put all of that out there but he didn't have an issue with that) and all of a sudden there (we'll call him "S") was a tweet from "S" with both our Twitter names saying "Why are you tweeting that Rapist". All hell broke loose and the guy I was tweeting and "S" had a war of words.

Eventually it died down a couple of hours later and I thought that was the end of it. A few days later The guy who I was tweeting got sent all these pictures from his own facebook with the words 'Paedophile' all over them. There was people on Twitter RT'ng the pictures and thinking it was all a big laugh, it was horrifying!

"S" had gotten onto the guy's facebook and downloaded his pictures, wrote a lot of crap all over them and posted them to his followers. "S" even sent messages to the guy's followers on Facebook, including one to his girlfriend which said "Your boyfriend sleeps around with women on Twitter"

The whole situation was crazy and I was sending emails etc to Twitter to try and get "S" shut down as other people were too. There was people who were brave enough to support the guy on Twitter and "S" and his 'Supporters' (who thought it was all a laugh....no profile pictures either btw) were targeting the people who were tweeting messages of support to the guy who was being cyber-bullied.

After all the drama, a few of us reported "S" and the guy said the police & twitter were looking into it. I noticed that "S" still had his account up but thought at some point it would be taken down.

The guy decided (and who could blame him) to take a break from Twitter but didn't delete his Twitter Account. 

What happened next was "S" and the rest of the 'Sad Acts' decided it was my turn!!! Since the guy had blocked all of them and reported them/took a break from twitter, they decided to now start on me. My facebook account was on private so "S" didn't have access to my photos and I don't put Personal details online ie Location, Job details etc. That didn't stop him though, he used my profile picture and tweeted it to his followers that I was a 'Transvestite' and a 'Paedophile Supporter', I was also called a 'Prostitute, a slag, a whore and all sorts of other delightful stuff. 

Again I reported him and locked my account straight away. I don't like to admit that it affected me but at the time, being new to Twitter etc it did get to me and it was so horrible and you feel powerless cause it's all done behind a computer screen, you can't see who's doing it and you don't know why they are doing it.

I tried to be strong and as my account was locked I thought I was safe. I got some requests through from some 'Mariah Carey fan' and I naively accepted them. a few weeks passed and then I started getting some really horrible tweets, it turned out, it was "S", he'd been using a Fake 'Mariah Carey fan' twitter account to spy on my tweets. I ended up deleting my account and took a few weeks away from twitter.

I opened a new twitter account with a new name and for a month or two all was fine and I thought that was the end of the whole thing. Then out of the blue I got some tweets from an account with the 'Jigsaw puppet from Saw' as the profile picture going on about me being a 'Paedophile Supporter, Transvestite' etc etc and then tweeting my followers telling them I was a Transvestite etc. That was it! I deleted Twitter and Facebook and kept off social networking for about a year. "S" had his account shut down but he had now opened other accounts and godknows how he found me, he must have been watching accounts on twitter that he knew I would follow or something.

I eventually came back to Twitter and had another couple of different accounts before finally having this one which I've had since 2011 and so far (Touch wood) "S" has not shown up. That's not to say I don't get the odd negative tweet here and there with the odd Troll but I'm careful now who I follow and I block any negative tweets straight away. I haven't put my Facebook page back up and don't plan to either. I'm quite happy with Twitter and I take the positives with the negatives.

We know anyone can be annoyed by Trolls (I'm not going to write 'Victim' because they are the 'Victims', put it this way, they have no life and they are obsessed with yours. You have something they are envious of. Happy people with lives don't sit on there ass all day long behind a computer screen sending vile messages to people to create a bit of drama) 

Have you seen the Trolls that have been named and shamed on the news (not a good looker amongst them lol)

We have to say a prayer for the poor, pathetic, lifeless, uneducated numpty's like "S" and feel a little bit flattered that they decided to devote their 'endless free time' to obsessing over us lol.

I'm a lot stronger now, Trolls don't bother me and I think lots of people feel the same. They no longer have the 'Effect' they used to have on people although I will say I worry about people who are younger than me because it can be hard and I hope they are reading this.

If you could see the tramps behind the computer screen sending you negative tweets you would be laughing, don't let it get into your head....it is crap!!! 

These Trolls are gonna tweet/message you making negative comments about your looks, your weight, your taste in music, they'll pick on anything and even make stuff up cause that's all they have, that is their day to distract themselves from who they are. They can't look in a mirror cause they are frightened of what they'll see and I mean that in both the physical sense and the emotional sense.

Sooooo, (I know people have probably been married, had kids and divorced since I started writing this post lol but it needed saying) if you see a negative tweet hit that block button and block anyone else who RT's/Faves it! Don't give out your location, report abusive messages. Lock your account if it makes you feel more comfortable. If you have any questions you can DM me on twitter or leave me some comments below.

If you've managed to read all of this I salute you and Thank you!

Much Love : )) x