The #Halloween Tag!

Still excited for upcoming Halloween and Loving the Halloween posts that have been popping up on Twitter, I've decided to create a Halloween Tag. 

This was a bit of fun and just keeping in the Halloween mood so have a go yourself (leave me your links below so I can read your answers and follow your blog) 

So here goes...........

Q1, What is your Fave Horror Movie to watch on Halloween? 

I have to say John Carpenter's 'Halloween'. I think the music and lighting in the film set the mood for Halloween. Perfect to curl up on the sofa with munchies and watch in the dark on Halloween night ; )

Q2, Will you be buying a Pumpkin this year?

I buy pumpkins every year and carve them and put little tea candles in them. I love them : )

Q3, What are your plans for Halloween this year?

Curling up on the Sofa, pumpkins lit, some baileys,  munchies and Horror movies (esp Halloween). 

Q4, What are your Fave Halloween Inspired songs?

See my previous post!! : )) 

Q5, What's been your Fave Halloween Costume you've worn so far?

I Love dressing up as a Vampire : )

Q6,  Do you love Halloween Candy?

Yes! Although I have to be careful which ones I go for and check labels to make sure they're veggie!

Q7, What do you love most about Halloween?

I love this time of year as everyone gets in the mood, dressing up, watching horror movies and I find it all fun : )

Q8, Which movie would you say has the scariest soundtrack?

I think the film Sinister has a creepy soundtrack (it's one of my Fave films too)

Q9, Who is your Fave horror Villan?

Freddie Kruger!!!! : )

Q10, Do you believe in Ghosts?

Yes! : )

Hope you enjoyed my Halloween Tag!!!

Thank you as always for reading...

Much Love : )) x