Strawberry Lips!!

Do you have a Favourite Lip Balm that you swear by? With A/W now in full swing it's important to keep those lips moisturised and protected otherwise you end up with dry, chapped, painful lips and nobody wants that!

My Favourite lip balm that I've been buying since my teens is the Strawberry Flavoured Born Lippy Lip Balm. It only retails at £2.00 and it lasts for ages.

It smells gorgeous (Smells good enough to eat actually) and it leaves your lips feeling soothed, soft, glossy with a little tint of red....oh and your lips will smell like yummy strawberries.

The Body Shop do various flavoured lip balms and lip goodies, check them out here!!

So, what is your essential lip balm that you can't survive without?

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Much Love : )) x