Sept Faves!

Here we are at the beginning of October already the year is going fast. I remember when Summer was the popular time of year for people but it seems more and more people are loving the A/W time of year and I'm one of them : )

At this time of year things start to slow down and people start to prepare for the holidays and thinking about Halloween, Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night and Christmas.

It's my birthday next month on Bonfire night : ) 

Anyway, onto the products/things I've been loving in September.......

I've been drinking a lot of Camomile tea this month and it's brilliant! it really relaxes you and helps you sleep better. Check out my previous post on the benefits of drinking Camomile tea Here!!!! I got this pack of 80 camomile tea bags from Tesco for £3.99

I went on a bit of a mad American Candy haul (I also got Twinkies but had to give them to my Dad when he visited as I found out later that they were not not suitable for Veggies). Baby Ruth's are my ultimate Faves (see my Post about my American Candy haul from the American Candy Store)

One of my Fave lipsticks, the Too Faced 'Naked Dolly' Lipstick! read more about it on my previous Post!

What are your thoughts on these 'Compressed' Sure cans? I like that it fits in my handbag but I seem to go through it more than a normal sized one? maybe that's just me lol but I love the fragrance!

Another one of my lipstick Faves is the Mac 'Creme Cup' lipstick. check out my review Here!!!!

I've also been watching classic episodes of The X Files : )

What have been your Sept Faves? post your link/comment below!

Thanks for reading!!!

Much Love : )) x