Empties (Products I'll be Repurchasing)

I've seen a few of these 'Empties' posts flying around and think they're actually a good idea. So I thought I would start including them in my blog too. 

I have a habit of throwing things out straight away when I'm finished with them but I managed to remember to keep hold of these few products you see below. 

The Soap and Glory mask isn't as Amazing as my Fave Boots Peel Off Face Mask but it still does the Job. I use the S&G face mask when I'm going for a bubblebath and I just slick my hair up in a bun, put some of this mask on and just lay back and relax. I like the minty scent of it and it gives me that pampering feeling so I will be purchasing it again.

The Righteous Butter you see below was part of a set so it was mini version but I loved how it just soaked into the skin and just added to the whole pampering experience after having a bubble bath. You can get the bigger 300ml size here! at Boots.

I adore the Soap & Glory Body scrub too, it smells gorgeous and really leaves your skin feeling treated and exfoliated. 

I did a previous review of it Here!

And finally that leads me to a couple of my faves from one of my fave brands 'Champneys'. The 'Oriental Opulence' Body Glow scrub came in a set so it was a mini size but I fell in love with it straight away and I will defo be getting the bigger tub. Sometimes it's a good idea to try a miniature/sample of a product before you buy the full sized product especially if it is a bit pricey. You can find the bigger sized version here at Boots!!

For the shower I've been obsessed with the Champneys 'Mineral Detox Shower Gel'. It's Gorgeous. You can find it at Boots £6.00 for 200ml. I have done a previous post about it here!

So, what are your 'Empties' and will you be purchasing them again? 

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Much Love As Always : )) x