Too Cute for Words!!

If like me you have a weakness for cute things and collecting cute things you've probably heard of 'Beanie Babies' 

I spotted these in Wh Smith and had to grab them. They have various little Animal and Character versions of Beanie Babies and each one of them is cute!

They have some that are very Girly, pink and some that are funny, halloween versions, mr men versions etc. They are suitable for all ages, male or female and make perfect gifts too. 

The prices vary and sometimes they do offers where you can buy two and get one free so keep your eyes peeled if you're interested in grabbing some.

You can find them at WH Smith but you can find them a little bit cheaper at Clinton Cards check out both as they have different Animals/Characters available.

Excuse the Hello Kitty cushion in the background, I collect Hello Kitty stuff : )

So cute and Gorgeous, The eyes are very pink and glittery. Picture doesn't do it justice!

Little Hello Kitty Cheerleader : )

Gorgeous pink owl with gorgeous, sequin feet & beak, pink glitter eyes :

You can find the 3 Beanie Babies that I have at WH Smith and Clinton Cards as well as others in the range!

Have you got any of the Beanie Babies or done a post/review of them? Send me your links!

Hope you enjoyed the review! Thanks as always for reading!

Much Love : ))