Remember The Time!

When I first heard that two of  Michael Jackson's Bodyguards were going to be writing a book about him my reaction was that of  a lot of MJ fans.......Here we go again, more lies, accusations, another money making scheme off the back of Michael Jackson, I couldn't be more wrong........

I've read tons of books about Michael Jackson except for the ones that quite obviously out to paint him as something he wasn't but I don't want to focus on the negativity. In the beginning I was upset that this book had been written cause I thought it was an invasion of his privacy. I started to notice on Twitter that a few MJ fans had read the book and their views on it surprised me.

I had a look online at the reviews for the book and they all seemed so positive and described the book as a tribute to MJ. So I decided to purchase it from Wordery (for only £10.32 and they do free delivery. Delivery is quite quick too!)

The front cover they used for the book is a beautiful picture of Michael. There are no pictures in the book but the amount of information, stories enable you to use your imagination and you'll find yourself actually laughing at some of the stories.

It's rare to find a book where you can't put it down and has the ability to make you smile, laugh, cry. This book is like a rollercoaster journey and you'll find out all sorts of things you never knew before. I wish I could share it with you here but I don't want to spoil it for you. 

It took me less than a week to read this book and on the first night I read it I got so carried away reading it that I didn't go to sleep till 3am. 

The book is written by Michael's bodyguards Bill Whitfield (Bill is on Twitter: @MJBODYGUARDS) and Javon Beard (with Tanner Colby) who worked for Michael in the last years of his life. The book isn't a mushy tribute it's real and talks about the hard times Michael went through and doesn't shy away from things. It's straight to the point about how Michael lived his life and the so called celebrity friends who abandoned him then came out of the woodwork for his memorial acting like they were his best friends. 

This book shows Michael as a Father, A friend and a kind, loving person who was just a kid underneath it all and I think it's a great tribute to him and I'm glad that it was written.

It just goes to show that some people (myself included at the time) automatically thought this book was going to be a mud slinging attempt at bad mouthing MJ. I think the reason for this is, we were and are still aware that so many negative stories and so called friends keep coming out with 'Exclusive' books that we just assumed that this would be another one. 

Anyway, I hope that you get a chance to read/buy this book esp if you're a Michael Jackson fan to add to your collection cause it really is a lovely book.

Thanks for reading my book review! Have you read this? what are your thoughts?

Much Love (or as MJ would say L.O.V.E : ))