Remember The 80s!

I'd been meaning to do a book review for some time on one of my Ultimate Fave 80's books but I'm only just now getting round to it lol!

I have had this book for years, I got it as a present for my birthday and I fell in love with it straight away. It's one of those books that you can get totally lost in and it's like you're transported back in time to being a kid again. All your Fave music, shows, events that happened etc all coming back to life within the pages.

I'm an 80's baby (no doubt showing my age here but nevermind lol) and I'm lucky enough to have the fabulous 80's memories, where the world was all neon, leg warmers, backcombed hair and all about being yourself and having the most unique style.

I remember watching my sister and her friends dress up and they'd have Duran Duran playing, purple eye shadow, loads of chunky bracelets and mountains of hairspray and they'd put make up on me....they'd dress me up as a punk rocker : D I think that's where my love affair with make up and all things girly began.

Most of my memories are from the late 80's and I was a kid back then so I must have a good memory lol. My brother and sister were teenagers in the 80's and it was funny watching them, their styles, the music they were into and the movies they liked. My sister was a massive Patrick Swayze fan and it was all about 'Dirty Dancing'. My brother was into 'Rocky' and 'Rambo'.

The 80's shows in our house were 'The Equalizer' 'Knight Rider', 'Count Duckular', 'Super Ted', 'Raggydolls' amongst others and I totally lovvvvved 'Top of the Pops' in the 80's.

I adored 'Ed the Duck' and 'Gordon The Gopher' and I'm trying to actually get my hands on some Ed and Gordon merch! So if anyone knows of where I can find some, please let me know.

I was lucky cause I had the chance to be a kid in the 80's but also got the chance to see it kinda through the eyes of my sister as a teenager. She introduced me to all the music, movies and styles.

I loved and still love 'Nightmare on Elm Street'. My sisters friend was Freddie Kruger obsessed, she had the Freddie doll, posters etc

Well, this book (see how I drifted off down memory lane there lol) is a must have for 80's fans and people who wanna know what it was like to live in the 80's. I've read this over and over again, especially if I'm feeling down it just perks you right up cause it's so fun.

The book covers 1980 right through to 1989 and gives you all the info you will ever need to know about the 80's from Music to Movies, Styles, Fashion, Things that were happening in the world at that time, 80's stars interviews, people sharing their 80's memories and fave bands/music. There's just so much in it to mention.

I was browsing the Internet to see if I could find a copy of this book in case you wanted to get it and I found it on Amazon for......wait.......only £2.58!!!! There's tons of copies available new and second hand. Some are priced at 1p but obviously you'll have the postage to add to that.

It has been rated pretty highly on Amazon with loads of positive comments which I'm not surprised by cause it's a brilliant book.

Soooo if you fancy a trip down memory lane or you're into everything 80's related grab a copy of 'Remember The 80's' - Now That's What I Call Nostalgia' on Amazon

Hope you enjoyed the review! If you have any 80's related posts you've written yourself post the links below as I'd love to read them as you probably gather I'm 80's obsessed! : )

Thanks as always for reading!

Much Love : )) x