Orange/Apple Tango Shower Gel & Bubble Bath!!

Talk about fun at bath time! I discovered these two beauties and it brought a smile to my face. I love the Tango flavoured drinks in Orange/Apple, but had no idea there was an Orange/Apple scented Bubblebath & Shower Gel around, I had to buy these and try them out!!

I found mine in a Drugstore for £1.00 each but you can get them in the UK branches of Poundland 

The Apple Tango Shower Gel comes in a 400ml bottle which retails at £1.00, the bottle has little grips at the sides so it's easier to hold in the shower. It smells gorgeous, like apples (of course) This product also contains Aloe Vera so it leaves your skin feeling soft, pampered and smelling of Apples. I love this product and think it's excellent value for money and a really fun product! The Tango shower gels also come in Cherry, Lemon, Orange and Blue Raspberry.

The Orange Tango Foam Bath also comes in the scents Cherry, Lemon, Apple and Blue Raspberry. It also retails at £1.00 for 500ml. This is Gorgeous and you get a fabulous Bubblebath that smells of oranges. I found this product fun too.

These products would be great for cheering you up if you're feeling a bit down, getting ready in the morning and needing a boost to get you going, after a workout. I thinks kids would also love this product.

I love my pampering, relaxing bath and shower products but I also like products that 'wake up' the body and freshen you up and these do the job. 

Have you tried these in the different scents? what did you think? send me your links!

Hope you enjoyed the review and bagged your self some bargains. 

I don't think Tango have updated their twitter  for a while but they are at @DrinkTango on Twitter and they are on Facebook

I hope they decide to bring out some more Tango products like Lip balms, scented candles etc : )

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Much love  : )) x