2nd Liebster Award!!!

I'm really pleased to be nominated by the dahhling @Charlierhianne_ for another Liebster Award! I appreciate it so much. Be sure to follow Charlie-Rhianne on Twitter and her brilliant Blog too.

First things first, The Rules:

1) Post 11 Facts About You!
2)Answer the 11 Questions set by the Blogger who nominated you!
3)Nominate 11 Blogs with under 200 followers!
4)Include at the beginning of your post the person who nominated you and their blog link!
5) Create 11 Questions for your nominees to answer!
6)Let the nominees know they have been tagged/tweet them!

I have decided to copy/paste my 11 facts about me from my first Liebster Award but I will answer the 11 questions put to me by Charlie-Rhianne & will put my 11 questions to the people I nominate ; )

*1..... I'm Glaswegian/Scottish living in England
*2.... I have two cats called Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury
*3.... I'm part Spanish (My biological Dad was From Spain)
*4....I have two Tattoo's, One of hello kitty and another dedicated to my Dad.
*5.... I went to the Cirque Michael Jackson's Immortal Tour last year - Amazing!!!!
*6.... I met Navi, one of the worlds no 1 Michael Jackson Impersonators last year.
*7.... I'm interested in Criminology
*8....I'm double jointed
*9.... I have a ring that I have worn since I was 9 years old : )
* 10.... My Fave book is 'Flowers In The Attic' (I also love the 1987 film)
*11.... One of my guilty pleasures is going to museums.

My Answers to Charlie-Rhianne's Questions!!:

Q1) What is your Fave type of Food?

A) I love all things Veggie & Spicy : )

Q2) Who is your Role Model?

A) My Grandmother is my Role Model : )

Q3) If you could be Gifted with a creative talent, what would it be?

A) I would love to be able to sing : )

Q4) Name one thing you can't live without?

A) My Family

Q5) Morning person or Night Owl?

A) Night Owl

Q6) If you could have a free Education what would you study? why?

A) I've already studied these but I would like to do more Criminology & Psychology courses. I find the human mind fascinating and the things that can drive us to do the things we do : )

Q7) If you could tick one thing off your bucket list, what would it be?

I want to have an adult bouncy castle party, it sounds mad but I can imagine it would be fun : ) 

Q8) Fave Film?

Silence of the lambs 

Q9) What is your dream Job?

Criminologist or Forensic Detective

Q10) Fave Hobby?


Q11) You're standing in a fast food restaurant, what do you order?

French Fries & Tomato Ketchup! Orange Juice ; )

Ok, My Nominees are: (In no order)

1) @EmmaBartley24

2) @Princesslypoor

3) @Bexmorts

4) @Helsbels92

5) @MACinMyBackpack

6) @MissSophiaBlog

7) @jadenatashax

8) @MyLifeAsAnu

9) @BeautyAndBolder

10) @Lulatink

11) @BeautyBarmyBird

My 11 Questions For You!!!

1) What's your Fave perfume at the moment?

2) What is your Fave Book?

3) What was the last movie you watched?

4) What is your idea of the perfect Autumn/Winter Drink?

5) What is no 1 on your Christmas wishlist for this year? (Bet I've got you thinking now lol : )

6) What is your Fave Christmas Movie?

7) If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?

8) Have you ever been on a Blogger meet up? if yes, did you enjoy it? 

9) Do you believe in Ghosts/The paranormal? 

10) Have you met a celebrity in real life? if yes, who was it?

11) Where is your Fave place to go Shopping? 

Thanks for reading!!!! I'm looking forward to reading your answers : ))

Much Love : )) x