I Heart Kurt Geiger!

Soooo I finally managed to get my mits on a pair of these Kurt Geiger boots I've been hunting for for ages!!!

Two of my friends own a pair of these and they were banging on about me getting some cause they are obsessed with theirs. Having mostly a collection of stiletto heel boots lol, I thought these wouldn't be my style and the heel was a bit too small for me... but here's the thing...

Inside the boots there is an inner heel so you are basically wearing high heeled boots but they are more comfortable and they make your legs look longer!

These boots go with everything and I just love them. They last a long time too. My friends have had their boots for about a year and can't get enough of them.

They are brilliant for the A/W weather and the material is great quality. 

I searched every Kurt Geiger store to find these boots and got nowhere so I turned my attentions to online and yay! found a pair and not just that.... I found them 'Cheaper' online!!

The Kurt Geiger 'Saturn' Boots come in Black and Grey. I found my Boots at The Amazing @Shoeholics (Check out their website & Twitter for discounts of thousands of Designer Boots/Shoes) for Only £59.00. The Black version of the Boots is £49.00. (These Boots were originally £170, you can imagine my friends faces when I told them how much I paid for mine) 

You can also check out the Kurt Geiger website for a lil browse too : )

Anyway, Hope you enjoyed the review! Have you picked up your A/W Boots yet? well if you're looking for ideas definitely check out Shoeaholics (The delivery is pretty fast too!)

Thanks for reading!

Much Love : )) x