Drink Tea, Burn Calories! : )

For the past fortnight I've been feeling fabulous, my sleeping pattern has improved, I wake up feeling refreshed, my skin looks and feels great and my body feels detoxed, healthy, more energetic! What has brought all this on, I hear you ask??? : D.........

I've been making some changes to my diet. I'm already a vegetarian but I was trying to do the whole Vegan thing, I cut out all dairy products and stacked up on Vegan food, I'm not gonna lie....I was ill and It didn't go so fabulous for me. I'm an active person and like to work out but I had no energy and I was on verge of fainting. I'm not trying to put anyone off being Vegan cause there's some people out there who can do it and keep to it and well done to them but like I said I was already a Vegetarian for the past 7 years so I gotta get some credit for that : D

So! I made the decision to cut out Butter, Cheese and Milk in my Tea/coffee and replace milk in my cereals with Almond Milk. I also switched to drinking more Green Tea and Water. Now this is the thing and I hope you get what I mean.... I've cut out Quorn food and opted for eating more Vegetables and homemade soups but I will allow myself to have things in moderation such as Chocolate, things that contain milk in them ie Soups, Chocolate etc but I try to cut down on this as much as possible.   

The first few days of drinking Green Tea was hard, some people love the taste of Green Tea and for some like me it takes a little while to get used to. I started to see and feel the benefits within days. I kept up to it. I have Green Tea, Water and Lucozade everyday but water and Green Tea mostly and I have to say I feel great!.

It's become part of my everyday routine now and I'm used to the taste and it doesn't bother me. I think if you feel at first that it tastes a bit bleak keep giving it a go and see how you feel within a week. 

It's also great knowing that Green Tea is fat free, speeds up your metabolism and burns calories! Tip: Drink a cup of it before bed as you'll burn calories while you sleep : )

Here are some of the benefits of drinking Green Tea: 

1) It is FULL of Antioxidants!

2) Keeps your brain healthy!

3) Increases Fat Burning/Burns Calories!

4) Gives you more Energy!

5) Great for your skin/hair/nails!

6) It has been said that Green Tea can help lower your risk of developing certain types of Cancer! (Breast Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Prostate Cancer etc) 

7) Keeps your heart healthy! (& may reduce your risk of Cardiovascular Disease)!

8) It has also been said that Green Tea can help lower your risk of developing Alzhiemer's and Parkinsons Disease in later life)!

9) Lowers your risk of Infections in your body by fighting off bacteria!

10) Improves your dental health and fights bacteria which causes bad breath!

11) Green Tea is said to lower your chances of getting Diabetes Type II 

12) Green Tea can help you live longer!

*Aim to drink at least 5 or more cups of Green Tea a day* Oh & don't forget to have one before you go to bed to get those calories burning whilst you sleep : D

It's up to you how strong you like your Green Tea as long as you leave the tea bag in the Cup/Mug for a few mins to let it infuse. Sometimes I leave the tea bag in.

So there you have it!! It might not taste like Strawberry Ribena but look at the list of all the benefits above, you can't go wrong and it's a great feeling to that you're putting some goodness into your body that's going to benefit you on the inside as well as the outside!

You can find Green Tea at your local Health Food Store or online. If you're in the UK, I recommend checking out Holland & Barrett!! they do a good range of Green Teas : )

Oh and my Mug you see pictured is from The Disney Store! only £8.00 : )

Hope you enjoyed the post & let me know your thoughts!!!!

Much Love : )) x