De-Stress & Sleep Better!

Do you feel stressed out or having sleeping issues? Well, I've had a very stressful few months lately and it was starting to take it's toll on my body, my mind and my sleeping. 

I'd been trying to find all kinds of ways to relax and de-stress by doing my fave things ie having a relaxing bubble bath etc but that didn't help my sleeping that much. 

I have done a blog about the health benefits of Green Tea and how it can burn calories. I still drink the Green Tea but I also have Camomile Tea too, especially at night whilst I'm trying to get over this stress episode : )

I'd heard quite a few times how Camomile tea is good for Anxiety, Depression, Menstrual Cramps, Insomnia but never really gave it a go, until recently.

I have to say that it has become a Fave of mine and I've been drinking tons of it lately, I feel the difference in myself and that I've been getting more sleep at night, feeling more relaxed!

We've all heard of the common benefits of Camomile tea but whilst browsing the web I found that Camomile tea is great for quite a number of things, not just Insomnia, Stress/Anxiety etc.

Here's what I found out.....

Camomile Tea is good for your digestive health and keeps your stomach healthy. It helps heal any wounds you may have quicker. 
Camomile tea helps improve your skin and clears up Acne (I've noticed a positive difference in my skin). Drinking camomile tea is also great for your skin, hair and nails, when drunk on a regular basis it actually nourishes
 and moisturises your skin and helps get rid of dandruff/flaky scalp.

On a personal note lol, I drank this through having my period recently and didn't have any awful cramps. Camomile tea is good for drinking at 'Time of the month' to soothe cramps as it has muscle relaxant properties. It's also great to drink when you have a cold as it has anti-bacterial properties too.

The list of health and beauty benefits goes on.....

I could list them all here but I don't want this to be a major longgggg post : D

The point is that you're de-stressing yourself but also cleansing yourself inside and out and it's all natural just like with the Green Tea but this is more soothing, more relaxing.

Again, like with the Green Tea post, I recommend getting your Camomile Tea from Holland and Barrett! but you can find them at most good health shops : )

Check out my previous post about Green Tea Drink Tea, Burn Calories!

Hope you enjoyed the post and you've felt the benefits of Camomile Tea too! : )

Much Love as Always : )) x