American Candy!

If like me you're a fan of American Candy you should definitely check out The American Candy Store (you can find them on Twitter @TACS4U) 

I found this website whilst browsing for American Sweets cause I'm a big fan of the Baby Ruth bars : ) I ended up ordering quite a few things lol.

The delivery was quick and everything came wrapped up securely.

Take note that if you're a Veggie like me, avoid the Twinkies as they contain Gelatin but you can still order them for a gift for someone : )

The prices are really good that's probably why I ended up ordering so much stuff. Have a browse and see what you think.

What is your Fave American Candy? : )

Here's what I ordered........

Take Note: The Twinkies are not suitable for vegetarians as they contain beef gelatin 

I Love Hershey's and Baby Ruths. The Flavoured lollipops are Gorgeous too : )

Hope you enjoyed the post and I haven't made you crave Candy/Chocolate too much : )

Much Love : ) x