Yankee Candles & Champneys!!!

Hey everyone!

So it's been a few days since I last posted as I just didn't feel that it would be right to post so quickly after my friend (@MichaelLuichi1) passing on Monday. After the tribute post I decided to leave my blog as it was for a few days as a kinda mark of respect.

It's nearly midnight on Saturday night and I felt in the mood to do a post and get my blog back into the swing of things. I posted on Twitter the winner of my latest Giveaway which ended on Friday (@SashaHope) and I will be running a new giveaway in a few days time so watch out for that.

I just wanted to also say Thank you to the people who continue to follow my blog and for new followers, I really appreciate it and if you have a blog send me the links if I haven't yet followed you back. I usually follow everyone back who follows me anyway.

Ok so on with some reviews! I've decided to combine two reviews in one post. Hope you enjoy reading : )

I love 'Champneys' products as you probably know if you're a regular reader. Their scented candles and bath/shower products and body lotions are just Amazing and smell gorgeous. I love how luxurious their products are. I spotted their 'Spa Treatments Mineral Detox Shower Gel' from BootsUK for £6.00 and it grabbed my interest. It came in the usual fancy champneys shower gel tube but this time it was a dark green not that that was a problem. I think men and women can use this shower gel because it has such a sporty scent to it. I think it's ideal for using after the gym/work out or whenever your body needs a little pick me up! The ingredients contain Patchouli, Lemon Peel Oil, Orange Oil and Seaweed Extract.

The 'Mineral Detox Shower Gel' is suitable for all over body and hair use, It's job is to cleanse the skin of any impurities and leave the pores clean, fresh, able to breath and refreshed. I been using it the past 3 or 4 times I've had a shower and I love it, it just wakens my skin up and I feel really good, pampered and fresh after my shower. My skin is left feeling really soft and smooth. They recommend that after using this shower gel that you follow it afterwards by using the 'Firming Hip & Thigh Gel. I haven't yet purchased this but I might be doing in the future as I've loved this shower gel so much. I will definitely be purchasing this again.

The next thing on this post I wanted to let you know about was my little Yankee Candles haul. I stopped using Yankee Candles a wee while ago because they were too expensive and I go through candles like mad so I kinda gave them a rest for a little bit. On twitter etc I have noticed people have been raving about them again, all these new scents, how gorgeous they are, how long they last and it got me in the mood to start ordering them again. This time instead of buying loads of the big candles in the Jars I decided to get a bunch of the mini candles (think they're called Sample Candles) and a couple of the candle burners just to start me off again, plus it gives me an idea of the scents that I really like for when I order the bigger Jar candles.

I didn't break the bank getting these either! I managed to come across Yankee Candles on the 'Clintons UK' website and the prices were pretty good, they were selling the little candles for £1.35 each, the little candle holders/burners were £2.49.

I spent a total of £23.82 (postage was £3.99) and managed to get a total of 11 little candles and two candle holders/burners You can purchase them all Here!!!!!!!!!

I'm really obsessed with these again and I've been enjoying having them again. I'm going to be ordering more of them cause they are brilliant and last for ages, your room/house smells gorgeous and continues to smell gorgeous even when they are not burning, the scent somehow tends to stay in the air.

I ordered the scents: Midnight Oasis, Under The Palms, True Rose, Turquoise Sky, Midnight Jasmine, Lemon Lavender, Baby Powder, Clean Cotton, Lake Sunset, Sweet Apple and Cinnamon Sticks.

I'm in love with the 'Baby Powder' and 'under the palms' which I will be ordering in the large jar candles. Baby powder just smells so gorgeous like baby talc and cream and how gorgeous babies smell after they've been bathed. Under The Palms smells like Coconuts, Trees and suntan lotion, it's gorgeous too and I'll be ordering that one in the Large Jar candle too.

Well I hope you enjoyed my 2 in 1 post lol, till next time, Much Love as always and thank you for reading!!!!! : )) x J