Sex Bomb! #Lush

Everybody loves Lush Bath Bombs, they smell gorgeous, look pretty and create a fun, relaxing and pampering bathing experience.

I love trying out different Lush bath bombs as they each contain different ingredients and have different benefits for the skin, some even contain glitter and confetti.

My latest new Bath Bomb from Lush which I used the other day in one of my pampering sessions was the 'Sex Bomb' bath bomb, Only £3.25.

The gorgeous bath bomb is pink & purple with a little pink rose bud design in the middle, this is perfectly girly and would also make a lovely gift for someone. It smells gorgeous and I couldn't wait to put it in the bath and watch it fizz away, all the pink and purple colours all swirling together, it's fun to watch!

When I got into the bath, the water was pink, gorgeous scent and my skin felt like it was being bathed in silk. It was very relaxing and soothing. The ingredients in 'Sex Bomb' include Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage, Jasmine. Each renowned for their relaxing, anti-stress qualities. You definitely feel more relaxed and dare I say it...sexier lol, cause your skin feels all sexy, relaxed and smells gorgeous!

So will I be buying 'Sex Bomb' again? Most Definitely!!

You can purchase it at your nearest Lush store or online Here!!!! : ) I LOVE the fact that you can buy Lush products online : D

Oh and before I forget to mention, which is VERY important & A FABULOUS note to add.....Lush does not test on Animals!!

Thank you for reading as always and let me know if you've tried this and what your thoughts on it were : )) x