For @MichaelLuichi1

It's been a strange and sad start to the week. I got a text message in the early hours of this morning to inform me that a dear Twitter friend of mine had sadly passed away.

Although I had never met him in person, I considered him to be a friend of mine and I'd been following him on Twitter for about 5/6 years. We talked a lot and became good friends, he was like an uncle who gave good advice, told you crazy funny stories and seemed to always be there.

He had a wacky sense of humour and sharp Glaswegian whit about him. He'd talk and joke about his 'Penthouse' (He lived on the top floor flat of a high rise building), his trips to Ibiza which he adored, he just seemed to always have something funny to say. He had a brilliant zest for life and seemed to find the positive in anything.

When he was in hospital he made jokes about asking the cleaning ladies out on a date and missing his beloved tomato soup & his 'penthouse'

Michael had problems with his heart and he had survived heart attacks & strokes, he was a fighter and had to endure operations, hospital stays, recoveries, endless medication but despite all of this he kept on and made the best with what he could, always with a smile.

Michaels kind and fun personality made him a person who could touch the lives of people who hadn't even met him in person, people who just knew him from Twitter, Facebook.

Michael used to talk about the times he'd end up in hospital and things would be looking really bad but he'd managed to come through them. We hoped at the beginning of this year that it was another one of those times that things would take a positive turn but unfortunately they didn't things just seemed to get worse.

I remember trying to tell him positive things to try and keep him positive but in these situations it's really hard to know what to say, sometimes there's nothing that can be said, sometimes we are powerless. I wished so bad that a miracle would happen and that he would tweet and say that things had taken a turn for the better. He'd done so Amazing in his life to have battled and survived as long as he did with what he had to face and deal with and he will always be admired for that.

I feel comfort in knowing that he knew that people cared and were concerned for him in real life and on Twitter/facebook. I have spoken to a few people on Twitter today who are in shock and saddened to learn of his passing. He is going to be missed very much.  I also take some comfort in the fact that he had been to his beloved Ibiza and had those memories and friends plus seeing Meatloaf Live in concert last year, he described that as one of the best moments of his life.

I felt I needed to write this post because I think he deserves it. I want people to know what a fun, crazy, kind hearted person he was who survived the odds and kept on fighting.

Michael's twitter page and facebook are still up, his pictures are still up and his video vlogs are still up on the Internet. It's like he's left his little footprint on the world to say, I was here, this was me. I think it's a great tribute to him and to anyone who has passed on. So many people who have passed away have left Twitter pages behind and I think sometimes it gives comfort to relatives and friends, plus it gives an insight to the person, who they were, their personality. I don't know if Michael's family are keeping his twitter page etc up or have plans on taking it down, that is their decision which should be respected.

I had a phone conversation with Michael earlier this year for about 2 hours (he can talk more that me, must be a Glaswegian thing) and I treasure that conversation because despite the pain he was going through I manage to make him laugh and talk about his fond memories of Ibiza and growing up, getting into mischief as a teenager. His crazy infectious laugh, his constant swearing, his courage, determination and living life to the fullest is what I will remember about him.

I have no idea as yet about his funeral arrangements but of course that is private for his family. I hope to send some flowers/a card/ or a donation when I can do.

R.I.P Michael (China). I will miss you and never forget you but I know you're still around xxx ( @MichaelLuichi1 was Michael's Twitter page)