Distant Shores Fragranced Candle by @Champneys

One of my Fave scented candles that I keep popping in my shopping basket is the 'Distant Shores' scented candle by the celebrity loved Champneys!

As you no doubt know, Champneys own their own Amazing Health Spas/Hotels and have a gorgeous range of products that you can purchase on their website or at Boots. I've always had a love for their products because it enables you to have that spa experience at home.

Champneys products are of the highest quality. At Christmas their gift sets from Boots make the perfect pampering gift, I love them and I buy their products all year round. I love using their Body Scrubs and Body Washes. My Fave ones in particular are from the ' Oriental Opulence' range you can purchase Here at Boots!!!!

As as their pampering products, they do a Gorgeous range of Scented candles. I love scented candles as you probably know from reading my blog so I'm quite picky and always look for a scented candle that is long lasting, smells gorgeous and that fills the room with a gorgeous, relaxing fragrance. With the Champneys candles you get this.

The candles come in pretty designed boxes so they would make a lovely gift for someone as well as treat for yourself. Before the box is even opened you can smell the scent. Scents include, Distant Shores, Citrus Blush and Mediterranean Bliss they retail from Boots at £12.00 each.

Distant Shores is my Fave because of the gorgeous combination scent of Orange peel, Grapefruit, Lemon and cedar oils. The scent is tropical and fruity. It comes in pretty pink box with little bow on top (This was what first attracted it to me and then I fell in love with the scent)

Some people would describe it as a summery scent but I think it's suitable for any time of the year. I've bought it all year round. I keep them in my bedroom and my room smells gorgeous whenever I open the door I'm greeted with this tropical, fruity scent and that's even when the candle isn't burning.

I haven't bought the other two scents yet but they smell gorgeous and I think I would put the Mediterranean Bliss one in my bathroom.

I'm hoping that Champneys bring out some more scented candles, hopefully something spicy like spiced apple during the winter months as I'm a fan of those wintery/christmassy scents too.

Hope you enjoyed reading and don't forget to check out the Champneys range the next time you're in Boots! Have you tried any of their products or candles? which ones are your Faves?

Thanks for reading!! : )) x