August Faves!!

Who'd have thought it was time for another monthly 'Faves' post but here we are, this month has gone fast, it'll be Christmas soon!! 

So, some of the products I have included in this post have been some that I have blogged about this month and some that I have included that I haven't mentioned. I did far too much shopping this month and some of the products I haven't gotten round yet to using so when I do I will obviously blog about them.

So, here we go!

I've become a fan of the L'Occitane products. I was looking for some Lavender stuff because my sleeping pattern has been quite bleak recently plus Lavender helps me to relax. One of the Lavender products I have started using has been the L'Occitane Extra Gentle Lavender Soap £4.50 from Debenhams. I was ill with the cold this week and my body ached from head to toe so I thought I would have a go at using this in the bath. I filled the bath tub up and just threw the soap in (I usually have bubblebath products in but I was having a try at something different with this). I was letting the Lavender & Shea Butter oils from the soap blend into the water. The bath was gorgeous and luxurious. My skin felt Amazing and my body relaxed. It really helped me get over the cold and I had a really good sleep. 

The L'Occitane Lavender Soap is quite thick and I still have tons of it left. I was really impressed with it. I also liked the pretty packaging  : )

I discovered the Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Peel Off Face Mask this month and I've been loving it! It's comes available from Boots in either a 50ml Tube for £2.99 or in sachet form for 99p. For a more in depth review see my Post!

Whilst I went on a major splurge session on a trip to York, I popped into Accessorize and I spotted some festive looking nail polishes. I'm crazy mad about nail polishes and love my pinks but I also like unusual colours. I came across this Turquoise/glittery polish. It was only £4 and I was kind of sceptical at first thinking the colour and consistency would be bleak but a few days later when I put it on my nails I was surprised! It looked gorgeous and I posted a pic of my nails on twitter and got a few compliments on it. I wish I'd grabbed a few more of the polishes in different shades whilst I was there. Not to worry cause they are available here on the Accessorize website! The polish you see in the pic is called 'Azure Glitter' 

The usual trip to Lush, which happens no matter what city I happen to be in, included me picking up some goodies and the 'Sex Bomb' bath bomb was one of those goodies and I have to say my Fave Lush bath bomb. It retails at £3.25 and you can purchase it here! online on their website or in store. For a more in depth review, check out my Post! 

One of my Fave Scented candles that I swear by is the 'Champneys Distant Shores Fragranced Candle' It's gorgeous. You can purchase it on the Boots Website for £12.00. Check out my full review Here!

Whilst I was in Lush which I mentioned earlier, I picked up this gorgeously sweet product. The Bubblegum lip scrub which seems to be a hit with everyone I talk to about it. It's too much gorgeousness in a pot lol! Check out my full  review of it Here You can find it in store or on the Lush Website for £5.50 

Another Gorgeous glittery item I picked up from Accessorize was this Cute little compact mirror. It has two heart shaped mirrors inside, one is more magnified and the other is normal. I just loved it! Very Girly! You can find it instore or on their Website for £7.00

I added this on my weekly shopping list and I love it! Makes your hands smell like Bubblegum and protects against germs, what more could you want lol. I got mine from Asda for £1.78. You can pick it up from most Supermarkets and they come in various scents.

I hope you enjoyed my Faves post for this month. What has been your Fave products this month, have you tried any of the above?, what did you think?

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As always, Much Love and Thanks for reading!! 
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