The Essential Item every beauty Junkie should have!

So, you're probably wondering what I mean by the title? maybe expecting me to come up with some expensive Mac or Dior product?.....Nope. In this blog post I'm singing the praises of a Classic.........Vaseline!!!

It's cheap, versatile and it's fabulous!. It does a variety of Jobs and has been a MUST HAVE in the make up cases of Glamourdivas and Glamourgods since god knows when.

Back in the day it was just in it's original form but now you can get it in a variety of flavours/tints, my fave is the Aloe Vera (The little green tin) and I keep it in my make up bag along with my other essentials.

I've put together a list of the tips & tricks using vaseline to save you some money and to keep you looking fabulous, hope you enjoy!

Oh and if you have any other ideas/tips/tricks using Vaseline which I haven't mentioned, comment below and share it with us beauty enthusiasts. If you do have one of the little Vaseline tins, which one did you go for? have you done a review for it? post the link below cause I wanna see what other Beauty bloggers have to say about it : )

Anyway here we go,

* Apply Vaseline on your elbows and knees everyday to keep these areas soft and looking good

*Apply some vaseline to your lashes and eyebrows before bed as this keeps them in good condition and helps them to grow thicker.

*Keep your eyebrows in place with vaseline

*If you run out of hairspray/hair gel slick a little amount of Vaseline through your hair to keep it in place but be careful not to use too much as it could look greasy.

*You can apply Vaseline onto your face at night before bed to wake up to moisturised, silky skin in the morning if you have dry skin or you could apply it to the areas where you are more prone to dry skin. Popular areas are the lips, eyebrows and eyelids/eyelashes to keep your skin smooth and moisturised.

*If you run out of Make up remover, apply some Vaseline, leave for a couple of minutes and remove with a cotton pad

*Massaging vaseline into your nails a few times a week can encourage healthier growth and keeps your cuticles and nails looking in top condition.

*To prevent dark circles under the eyes and puffiness in the morning, apply a little bit of vaseline just under the eye before bed.

*If you have dry skin on your feet, rub some vaseline on them and put on a pair of socks, leave them on overnight for soft silky feet in the morning.

*Beauty queens often rub some vaseline on their teeth before they go onstage as it helps their teeth appear whiter and prevents lipstick from clinging to their teeth, it also makes it easier for them to smile.

*If you're running out of your fave lipstick, get an empty little tub, take some vaseline and the remainder of your lipstick, mix together and you have yourself a cool lipgloss.

*Apply a little vaseline onto the wrists and neck areas (wherever you like to apply perfume) before you put your fave scent on as this will make the scent last longer.

*Vaseline is good for body massages....and other kinds of things (but we won't go there lol)

*Vaseline is good for soothing the skin after shaving or for applying on chapped lips

*As well as making a lipgloss for when your fave lippy runs out, you can also add a little blusher and vaseline together for a creamy, dewy blusher for your cheeks.

*Mix a little bronzing powder with vaseline then apply on arms, neck (exposed areas) for a sunkissed look for when you run out of your fake tan.

* Make your own body shimmer by mixing together either glitter or highlighter and some vaseline then apply to skin before a night out to give you a glamourous glow.

*Some people believe rubbing some vaseline on your scalp helps prevent dandruff and encourages hair growth.

*When using hair dye, apply vaseline on your neckline and around your face, earlobes to help prevent staining from the dye.

*Vaseline helps soothe the skin after waxing and plucking/threading.

*Use a tiny bit of vaseline on the ends of your hair to help disguise split ends

*Apply vaseline to small cuts when you're out and about and have no band aids, this helps protect the wound.

*Massaging vaseline into areas prone to stretch marks helps them to fade and in some cases disappear, some pregnant women have used this method and have sworn by it.

*In winter, rub some vaseline into your hands beofre putting your gloves on, this helps keep the hands soft and helps prevent skin from cracking due to the cold weather.

*To prevent the edges of your heels rubbing on your ankles, rub a little bit of Vaseline onto your heel, this helps prevent blisters

*Dab a little bit of Vaseline onto your cold sore to prevent it from spreading.

*Exfoliate your lips by dabbing a little bit of vaseline onto your tooth brush then gently scrubbing the lips, then rub off, lips are left feeling smooth, silky and in good condition.

*This tip is a bit yukky lol, but if you dab a little bit of Vaseline onto a blemish it makes it easier to pop it

*If your Fave nail polish lid keeps getting stuck, smooth a little bit of Vaseline around the edges so it'll be easier to open in future

Well, That's my tips & tricks using Vaseline, hope you found it useful. Thanks for reading, Much Love : )) x