Hand Food! @SoapAndGlory

Morning Everyone!! (or afternoon/evening, whenever you read this lol) on the blog this week you'll notice a few 'Soap & Glory' products popping up. I fell in love with Soap & Glory a couple of years ago, I started off with the lip glosses (bought one in every colour) then it was all the gift sets at Christmas and that was me hooked! I love their face powder & concealer as well as their bath/shower/skincare products, basically I've loved every product that I've bought from them so far. 

I needed some new hand cream so I picked up the Soap and Glory ~ Hand Food from Boots and It's brilliant. I love that it fits perfectly in my bag, the scent (notes of bergamot, strawberries, mandarin, musk, amber and vanilla), the thick, creamy texture and all you need is a little bit cause it goes a long way. It's perfect for keeping your hands moisturised and soothes chapped, dry hands. This will be essential in winter months but also all year round when you think of what your hands go through on a daily basis. 

It's important to moisturise your hands (side note: and your neck) as these are the areas that can show the first signs of ageing. It's all right painting your nails with the latest fabulous colour but what if your hands look like a hot mess? so it's important to look after them. I saw a picture the other day on twitter of this beautiful girl and she was only 25, she'd posted a picture of her new set of nails she'd had done and her hands were like....... At first I thought she'd done her mums nails or something but they were her hands and they were all wrinkly and sun damaged. I didn't say anything (I wouldn't do that). It just goes to show that quite a few of us spend so much time buying products for the other areas of our bodies that, hands, neck, feel, elbows, knees sometimes get neglected. 

Well, at least now we know. I've always been a fan of hand creams so luckily my hands are in good shape but they can get dry and I can tell the difference between a cheap quality product to one that actually does the Job. 

I love the fact that Soap and Glory do mini's of some of their products. If you were having a 'tight budget week/month' you could get away with buying the mini tube of hand food because like I said before a little goes a long way and it's only £2.50 for 50ml

I bought all the guys and girls in my family soap and glory stuff for Christmas and they adored them. The products are not tested on animals and the quality is outstanding. 

I love the names they give their products and the packaging, you feel like a pampered 1950's princess (well I know I do). 

They do the Hand Food in  50ml (£2.50), 125ml (£5.00) and 250ml (£7.00). The 250ml comes in a bottle with a pump. If you do decide to go for the 250ml, hang onto the bottle once it's finished. That way you can just refill it with some minatures as and when needed.

Thanks for reading : )) x