Bye Bye Blackheads!

 We all all have those moments in our lives (well, most of us do and if you don't, you're lucky) male or female, when you're checking the mirror after the make up's all off and you zoom in on a black dot or a couple of black dots (common places to find them are on the chin, on the nose but they can pretty much creep up anywhere) and you're like.....where did that/they come from, it's a new mole or what? 

The temptation to 'pick' a Blackhead off the skin.....but don't!!!!! it ain't a good idea, trust me! In my early teens I did the whole 'steam the face thing' after I discovered one and I've been left with a little hole on my lip that looks like a piercing. 

I have found a solution that gets the Job done....Neutrogena's Visibly Clear Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub!! A few month back I bought the Daily Facial Scrub and loved it. I'm fast becoming a fan of Neutrogena's products. I had a Blackhead on my chin and after a few washes with this, took two or three days and it had gone.

The daily scrub works by taking a little amount on your fingers and massaging the scrub in to the effected areas/areas prone to blackheads in a circular motion then rinse off with warm water. It also helps reduce the size of your pores. 

After using this your skin feels refreshed, lighter and your pores feel like they can breath again lol. I love the smell of this. You might think differently but I think it smells like cough medicine, I really like the smell of it. 

I use this everyday, at night after I've taken my make up off and my skin is blackhead free. You can buy this at Superdrug Or Boots