Better Late than Never #JuneFaves

Better late than never.....My June Faves! Usually this post would be done at the start of the month but anyway here it is : D

Hope your Monday isn't going too stressful, find some time to grab a coffee break and read on....

My Fave products for June are a bit of a mix of Accessories and products. Here goes:

* Mini Chupa Chups Lollipops x 30 ~ £1.00 (Asda) I love these, the flavours come in Strawberry, Cola, Orange and Apple mmmmmm yummy!! : )

* Simply Sensitive Deep Cleansing Face Mask ~ £2.99 (Boots) My Friend recommended this to me and I love it. I use it twice a week. This is perfect for oily skin and to give your skin a breather if you happen to wear a lot of make up. You can use it once a week if you have normal skin, they recommend that you use it twice a week if you have oily skin. You leave the mask on for 3 minutes and you can feel it working on your skin, it tingles a little but does not irritate and then you wash off. Your skin is left feeling fresh and pores are unclogged. I've noticed a positive difference in my skin since using this.

* Razors ~ £2.00 (Asda) 5 x 3 blade. If I don't wax I shave my legs and spend a fortune on Gillette razors and gels. I'm trying to get out of this habit as I've found the disposable ones work just as well. It's a pain when you have to fork out money to have blades replaced every couple of weeks so I've been getting the Disposable ones. For those on a budget/ people who are sensible with money lol these are great. If these were terrible I'd tell you, they're not like bic's where your legs look like something out of a horror movie afterwards. These give you a close shave, leave your legs (and any other areas you regularly shave) silky and smooth and you don't get cuts and nicks. Only use them once though cause they only seem to last for one shower/bath but for £2.00 you can't really complain, they are good : )

* Black & Gold bracelets ~ £4.99 (New Look) I wanted some more Black & Gold accessories to add to my collection and these are gorgeous. Check out the New Look website (Go to the Sales section first) and grab yourself some bargains : )

* Johnsons 2 in 1 Bubble Bath and Wash ~ £1.25 (Asda) You can tell I do my weekly Grocery Shop at Asda can't you (I have to have it delivered cause I live in the middle of nowhere, great for countryside, crap for shops..but hey, you can't have it all and I'm lucky). You know (If you're a regular reader of my blogs and tweets that I love my Bubble baths) I love trying different products but I also love the Johnsons range. People must think I have kids cause I'm forever buying baby wipes, cotton buds lol. Sometimes it's nice to have a Johnsons baby bath.

* Cotton Buds (Q-tips) ~ £1.00 for 800 (Asda) Bargain! : )

* Beverly Hills Formula Toothpaste  ~ £2.49 (Boots) and Blanx Toothpaste ~ £4.99 (Boots). These are my Fave whitening toothpastes : )

* Shamballa (Not sure if that's the right spelling lol) Blue & White bracelet ~ £2.10 (Amazon) This was another little Bargain. I'd seen these styles of bracelets and I just wanted one to add to my collection, I found this one on Amazon for only £2.10 (postage included). It is really bling and you wouldn't think it was only £2.10 : )

* African Charm Bracelet ~ £12.00 (Accessorize). I had one of these last year and I loved it, I got loads of compliments on it and I decided to buy another one. I think it's perfect for summer and looks gorgeous.

* Armani Diamonds (Rose) ~ £28.00 (Debenhams). I bought this to add to my perfume collection. This was a fragrance I bought last year , I decided to buy it again and I find it to be a very summery light fragrance. Some people would say that the scent doesn't last long. I have perfumes where the fragrance lasts all day but I'm one of those people who puts on perfume in the morning and then again around lunchtime to freshen up. I think it's perfect if you're looking for something light that isn't too overpowering. I get a lot of compliments when I wear this fragrance too.

Well I had some more Accessories but they were just some bracelets and bits/pieces that I got from the New Look sale, don't forget to check that out.

Thank you for taking the time to read my June Faves post, I know it's late after all it's nearing the end of July lol.

Much Love : ))