All guys should buy Girls @LushCosmetics

Sundays for me are all about pampering and relaxing, taking things easy before the busy week ahead, In fact I don't need an excuse to pamper or relax lol, I love having little pampering evenings during the week too. I think it's good for you.

I'll tell you what else I think is good for you girls and also boys too......Lush products!!! Lush have managed to put the fun into bath and shower time with their products, not just relaxing but exciting at the same time. There's different scents, textures and bath bombs, soaps etc. It's so much fun to watch a bath bomb fizz away in the bath and then explode with little glitter love hearts everywhere.

If you're feeling down or it's the dreaded 'Time of the month' for us girlies sometimes it's hard for men to know how to react around us without us 'biting their heads off' for leaving their socks on the floor or something random like that : D

I think when a woman is feeling down, cramps etc (don't we hate them) there are a few things which help take the edge off. Chocolate, we become zombies for chocolate. I will go crazy for Cadburys Chocolate especially 'Melted' Cadburys chocolate and I will overdose on this. Plenty of sleep,we literally go into a coma lol. I would recommend shopping but this can sometimes not go down too well, especially when you're in a busy department store and you have cramps and just want to push people out of the way or tell them to f**k off lol. I have candles lit around my house to create a relaxing atmosphere. Curling up on the sofa and watching your Fave movies also helps too. But the thing that I have found really makes a difference, well, to me at least, is Lush products because baths are really good for relaxing obviously but especially at the time of the month.

I hereby recommend that all guys who want an easier life and less of a headache during 'Rag week' as some people call it, they should buy their wives/girlfriends Chocolate and Lush Products. I recommend the Lush Gift Boxes so she has a little selection and she'll adore you for taking the time to do this for her : D

My Fave Lush box so far which got me through my latest 'Rag week' was the 'Sweetie Pie' Gift Box (£26.95). It came in a pretty pink box with yellow bow and when I opened it, the smell was gorgeous! It contained:

1 x Shimmy Shimmy Glitter Bar (30g) ~ Vanilla scented with shimmer for all over body glow
1x Think Pink Bath Bomb (30g) ~ smells like candy, explodes with confetti hearts.
1x Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly (100g) ~ blackcurrant, Cherry & Coconut shower Jelly for hair & Body.
1x Sunnyside Bubble Bar (100g) ~ Orange, Tangerine and lemon essential oils.
1x Creamy Candy Bubble Bar (100g) ~ Vanilla, Almond Oil & Cocoa Butter for smooth soft skin.
1x Rock Star Soap (100g) ~ Smells like candy and leaves skin feeling soft & smelling sweet.
1x Space Girl Bath Bomb (100g) ~ Fruity and sweet, leaves you smelling good enough to eat (I'm a poet and don't know it lol)

This product is suitable for Vegans in case you wanted to know : )

The first 2 products I used were the 'Think Pink Bath Bomb' and the 'Creamy Candy Bubble Bar'. I think the reason for this was that they were pink and the names seemed to spark my interest. I loved them, my bath was full of bubbles and little pink love hearts which perked me up : D

For my next pampering session I used the 'Space Girl bath bomb' and the 'Rock Star Soap'. My bath was purple which was quite fun and my skin was left feeling soft, silky and smelling fruity : )

For my pampering shower, I used some of the 'Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly'. This smells so gorgeous, you want to eat it. It reminds me so much of 'Snow Fairy' (which I can't wait till nearer Christmas when they bring it back out again). You can use this on the hair and body. I just used it on my body and it was quite strange to be rubbing bits of jelly on myself lol but it did create a lather.

I still have the Sunnyside Bubble bar and the Shimmy Shimmy Glitter bar left. I'm not sure when I'll use these.

All in all, I loved this gift box and would recommend it. You can order these products individually here!!! or pop into your nearest Lush store. My Faves would be the first two products I used 'Think Pink bath bomb' and 'Creamy Candy Bubble Bar'

Have you bought/reviewed any Lush products lately? send me your links : )

Oh and the pretty pink box.....I have that on my dressing table and have put some of my make up bits and pieces in looks so pretty : )

Thanks for reading, As always, much love : ))