Mini 'New Look' Sale Haul

So I got some bits and pieces from New Look's website the other day. I was trying to see if I could be 'good' and see how much I could save by checking out the sale section. I gave myself a budget (I hate the word budget lol) of just over £45.00. If you spend over £45 on their website you qualify for free standard delivery (don't know about you but I dislike paying delivery costs esp if you've already spent a fortune). So It all managed to total to £45.90 and I was pretty pleased with myself. I have a shopping addiction as you've probably noticed which I'm trying to cut down on and actually save money, (me....saving money, I don't think so *Said like Macauley Culkin*) so I will try : )

Ok, So here's the list of 'bargains' I got from New Look:

♥ Pink Patent Metal Cap Bow Ballet Pumps (£9.99). I don't usually do flats unless it's trainers for the gym but I needed a pair of these for travelling etc as it's not too fabulous running around in heels constantly. These are comfy, Cute and girly. I keep them in my bag incase I need to change out of my heels.

♥ Various Socks (£1.99) Tatty Teddy, Cupcakes, Loveheart designs etc. Call it a guilty pleasure or whatever but I have this thing about Cute Cartoon/Girly design socks lol. I find them comfy in winter too.

♥ Accessories: (I like to keep the collection going lol) I like wearing costume pieces sometimes during the day so that my expensive stuff doesn't get worn out or damaged. Having said that, some costume pieces are really nice and can be quite bling bling.

- Textured Hoop Earrings (£1.99) I bought two pairs, Gold and Silver.

- Gold Sequin Coin drop earrings (Originally £4.99 down to £2.00)

- Silver Diamante Heart Stud Earrings (£3.99). These are my fave of the haul, I just think they are cute and quite bling.

- Gold Cut Out Heart drop earrings (£3.99)
- Black Contrast ball bow stretch bracelet (£4.99). I love black and gold together.

- Stone leather look insert bow belt (£3.99 down to £1.00) I thought this would go great with a skater dress/skirt or pencil skirt.

I also got some lingerie (I mainly get my lingerie from La Senza and Ann Summers but they had a couple of girly pieces so I thought why not). I also got 4 vest tops in Pink Shell, Mint Green, Brown and black.

I think the delivery (Standard) would normally be £3.99 but like I said before, if you spend over £45 you get free standard delivery. My order came quick : )

I really like the New Look website, especially that you can 'fave' what you like as you browse. There's nothing worse then scrowling through pages clicking on an item to add to your basket then having to go through all the pages again. I like that I can fave whatever catches my eye then having a look through the list of faves at
The end when I've finished browsing.

A tip for saving some money on websites or on the highstreet at your fave retailer.....check the sales section first! I've lost count of how many times I've spent a fortune on a item only to find that the next week it's half price in the sale.

Anyway, I'm off to make some tea lol. Happy Shopping and hope you find some bargains and blog/tweet about it and tell us : D much love xXx ♥