Leave Him Alone #MJ

This week marked the 5th Anniversary of My Idol, the Greatest Entertainer that ever lived...Michael Jackson! It was moving to see that people from all over the world again went to Forest Lawn in Glendale to leave tributes and the thousands of  beautiful red roses that were laid, it warms my heart.

I wasn't so happy that CNN decided to do an Interview with Conrad Murray on the very day of Michaels 5th Anniversary, that was just disrespectful and CNN being too thirsty for ratings. Conrad Murray again doing his usual crap of telling anyone who'll listen that he knew MJ like nobody did, disrespecting Michaels family and that he knows so many secrets about him, which he says he's not going to share with the world.....yet! He wants to keep people interested in him obviously, The guy is a moron and how dare he try and make money out of disrespecting Michael. To put his kids, family, friends and fans through more pain, it's like he had an obsession with Michael and is trying to change peoples thoughts and memories of him. He's a master manipulator and goes on about 'How hard it has been for him' and how he's suffered. Stick him in a room of Michael Jackson fans and he'll see what suffering is. This man is not a true friend of Michaels, if he was he'd dissappear let the people that loved Michael continue to enjoy and celebrate his wonderful music and the Amazing person he was not this crap that he keeps coming out with. He's using Michaels death and the friendship he had with him as a way of gaining fame and money. He knows the world misses Michael , some uneducated people still believe that Michael hurt Children, others are curious some see it as entertainment and juicy gossip. Whatever the case may be as we live in a world where you don't have to be talented any more, just stick a sex tape on the Internet and you could be famous or end up on one of those reality TV shows. Some people like watching the downfall of a famous person and I find it really sad.

Michael should be remembered for his Art, his music, his charity work, the lives he saved, the fact that he came from nothing and became the greatest entertainer that ever lived and shared his fortune with people who didn't have anything. I don't care about Michaels Autopsy or what he look like in his final moments, why take away his dignity and privacy.

A similar thing was done with another person I admire 'Freddie Mercury' The press bullied him and did all they could do to get a 'Final' picture of him. They printed all these pathetic kiss and tell stories about Freddie by Friends who back stabbed him, One in particular who Freddie gave lots of money too and even rented out an apartment for him until Freddie ended the friendship cause he realised that this 'Friend' was using him for money. His partner at the time 'Jim Hutton' brought out a book after Freddie's death and described Freddie's final days which I thought wasn't right, he wrote about Freddie needing help to go to the bathroom and 'messing' the bed and even what he looked like as he took his final breath. It's just......... I don't even know what to say about these types of people but Obviously Freddie would've been mortified for a man who was fiercely private and didn't like doing interviews. There was all these arguments about Freddie.s Estate and his will, all the so-called friends realised the 'money train' had stopped and people were fighting over who was to have what, it was disgusting. Freddie's lifelong friend and some say love of his life who'd stood by him through everything 'Mary' ended up with the Estate which she lives in to this day with her family and keeps it private.

I feel pain when I think of all the hell Michael was put through, he was emotionally and physically exhausted and constantly having to fight to prove his innocence. I was thinking earlier about Michael's 30th Anniversary concert back in 2001 and all the 'celebs' that were there.......where were these people during the trial?, they all dropped MJ like a bad habit. Then years later when he passed away all these Celebs were tweeting and coming out of the woodwork for the memorial.

People continue to use Michael even in death, this endless trail of books that keep coming out and certain celebs keep dropping his name on twitter or in Interviews to gain publicity. They know Michael is still popular and his true fans as always remain loyal but his music and merchandise, tribute shows etc are still selling. The thing that always bothers me is when there's that section of people who only like MJ cause it's now 'ok' to like him, then they'll make Jokes and dislike him cause that's seen as the 'cool' thing to do. They change their minds and believe the newspapers cause they are sheep. God bless all those fans, friends and family who stood by Michael through everything.

I often wonder about the accusers/liars/moneygrabbers, whatever you wanna call them. Jordy Chandler, The Arvizos, Diane Dimond, Tom Sneddon, Martin Bashir, Wade Robson and now this Safechuck character who's the latest to try and make a few quid out of MJ. I get angry about what they did to him and still do to him but then I think.....These people have to live with what they did and they have to spend the rest of their lives looking over their shoulder. If Michael is who they say he is, where's the evidence?, where's the proof? He was proven innocent by the court which himself and people closest to him were painfully dragged though and humiliated. These people I consider to be evil bullies and to be honest I feel sorry or them, Michael has a millions of fans all over the world who love him, who do they have?

I've been lucky enough to have seen the Immortal show in the UK last year and Navi (Said to be the world no1 MJ Impersonator) Both shows were Amazing and I can't wait to see them again and meet more MJ fans.

Michaels make up artist Karen Faye (@WingHeart) has been tweeting about her concerns for Michael, she says she will not write a book about him.

Well, this blog post was kind of random but I feel like I've got a few things off of my chest. We know who Michaels real friends and fans are and we know the ones who just jump on the bandwagon. One thing is for sure and is true, Michael Jackson was an Innocent man who had many Gifts who had to get by the best he could in a world with cruel people who saw him as a way to get money. No matter what these people threw at him he kept getting back up, he was strong. I was born a Michael Jackson fan and I will die a Michael Jackson fan. I'm proud of him and always will be.

Keep the faith and thank you for reading : )

All for L.O.V.E