All About Eyes #Bbloggers #Tag

Hey fellow Glamouristas, here's my take on the 'All About Eyes' tag, be sure to have a go at this yourself too, here goes : )

1) What eye cream/serum do you use? 

At the moment I'm using The Body Shops best selling Vitamin E eye cream (£10.00). I dab a little of this around my eyes at night before bed and I really like this product. My eyes look fresh and no bags to be seen in the morning lol. 

2) What is your Fave under eye concealer?

I really like Max Factor Concealers but I'm still loving my CrownbrushUK 10 colour concealer pallet (£16.99) 

3) What is your Fave Brow Product?

My brows are actually a bit thicker now as I've been growing them and I was taking Biotin. I like Illamasqua's Brow Cake in Thunder (£15.50) and my Fave eyebrow pencil is Rimmels Professional eyebrow pencil in Black/brown. 

4) What is your Fave eyeshadow primer?

If I run out I just use concealer but I really like the Urban Decay primer

5) Your Fave Eyeshadow Pallet?

Dior's Smoky eye pallet in 'Smoky Navy' (£36.00)

6) Your Fave Make Up Remover?

Bobbi Brown or Simple 

7) Your Fave Mascara?

Dior's Icon (£24.00) or Bobbi Brown's Everything Mascara (£19.00)

8) Your Fave Eyeliner, gel, kohl, felt tip?

I love Bobbi Browns long wear eye pencil, it's said to be the 'gel' in pencil form. 

9) Your Fave Single Eyeshadow?

Hmmmm I can't think of one as I'm really into eye palettes but I do like eyeshadows by Dior, Bobbi Brown and Mac. 

10) Your Fave Sunglasses?

My MK, I have an obsession with Michael Kors stuff : )

Well, that's it, thank you for reading and I look forward to reading your answers to your
fave eye products : )

Much Love : ))