Washing your Make Up brushes! My Tips!

It's one of those tasks which some glamouristas dread doing but it has to be done....... Washing your Make Up brushes!!!

This is really important and should be done every week, some wash their brushes once a week but I chose to do it twice due to the fact that I have oily skin so I have to be careful.

Everytime you use your brushes they are coming into contact with your skins natural oils and this can spread bacteria and contribute to acne so it's important they're cleaned.

Cleaning your brushes once/twice per week helps prolong and maintain their lifespan and keep the brushes soft. If you've spent a fortune on brushes (and lets face it, excuse the pun lol, make up brushes are not cheap) the last thing you want is them going stiff, bristles falling out etc.

To wash them it's quite simple, just takes a little of your time. Here are my tips for washing them (also as a side note, wash your hair brushes/combs once/twice per week using shampoo to get rid of product build up and dead skin cells):

♥ I wash each brush individually. I wet the brush with warm water under a tap. I then gently massage the bristles with some Johnsons baby shampoo (you can use gentle shampoo, make up remover, facewash, vinager and lemon juice, antibacterial soap) till the water runs clear. Make sure all the shampoo has been rinsed out of the bristles and then gently dab the bristles with a towel or a piece of kitchen towel to remove any excess water. Place the brush upright in a cup or jar and leave over night in an airy room to dry naturally. Do this in the evening so that your brushes will be ready to use in the morning. Do this procedure with each brush. It will take some time depending on how much product has built up on the brushes, foundation brushes may take a while to clean.

Well, I hope this post has helped you with your brush routine, it really is simple and easy, it just takes some time : ))