Things A Woman does not want to hear....In my opinion!

So, it's 11:26pm on a Monday night and I've just been having a girly chat on the phone from one of my closest friends from back home in Scotland. My Friend Sarah has had a couple of dates with this guy and he text her late last night. She was all singing and dancing about this guy.....until he sent her THAT text. The text said: Are you still up? Send me a pic of your T*ts. Followed by: I'm waiting...

So now her attitude has changed a little. I can understand how she feels cause if it were me I'd find it a bit disrespectful too. If you're in a relationship with someone and you both know each other then fine but, if you've just gone on a couple of dates then it's maybe not the best thing to say. It got me thinking about how men and women  communicate with each other. I was also thinking about things that I wouldn't like if a guy said them to me.

So I thought, I'm sure there's other women and Girls out there and also men too who think/feel similar. There will be things that some men might not like a woman to say ie "Aww it's so cute, look how small it is, do you think it's up to the job"

I've decided to put a few things down in this blog post, you probably have loads more to add, feel free to do so in the comments or better still do your own take on this blog post and inc the link, I'd love to read it as I'm sure others will too.

Ok, here goes....and pleaseeee don't be offended by anything I say, I know that each man is an individual and can say the most sweetest things but right now it's all about the comunication turn-offs lol.

1) Same senario mentioned above.... you've been dating him 5 mins, he's texting you/pressuring you for nude pics.

2) Him: Sorry Love, I can't book our romantic weekend away at a castle in Ireland.......I've booked us The Holiday Inn in Bradford instead.

3) Him: You should buy that dress, I'm sure it'll fit you, the material looks strechy.

4) I hate Michael Jackson/your Idol (This would send him on a one way trip to the bin for me lol)

5) I can't come to your birthday dinner, the lads have invited me too a football match

6) He tells you he's 31, lives with his mum and dad who still give him pocket money and he's never had a job in his life (run like the wind)

7) He says he can't wear a condom

8) He says he doesn't bother with body sprays or aftershave, he prefers natural body odour (Yuk! Women like a sexy fragrance and a man who makes an effort)

9) Him: 'S**k me off' (Not exactly the words of the milktray man)

10) You wear a new dress and your hair is done all fancy and he says 'you look... fine' but not fine as in fynnnnnneeeee. Fine as in Ok, you'll do, you're allright.

11) During 'Sex Talk' he calls your Vagina 'A Sopping Wet Pussy' ( I don't know about you ladies but this doesn't exactly get the wheels moving for me, It makes me thing of a saggy old mop, not sexy)

12) Him: I want to 'Back Scuttle' you! (Another unsexy way of saying Doggy Style. Come to think if it, Doggy Style isn't that much better)

13) Him: You were in that bathroom a while, were you having a poo? (I cringe when a guy uses graphic toilet humour to me or to any other female)

14) Do what I tell you (Ummmmm no actually, how about you piss off

16) Sorry honey I've been on the toilet with the runs all day.....but I'm ready to make wild sweet love to you.

17) Him: I didn't get the LV bag for your Christmas, I found a better one........ A Pauls Boutique bag.

18) Most of my friends are women, I tried to go out with some of them but they weren't interested but anyway I still see them all the time.

19) Him at the movies: Sorry, did you think I was gonna pay, I assumed you would be.

20) Girls name comes up on phone, Him: That's my antie.

Well, I"m gonna get ready for bed. Thanks for reading xxxxxxxxxxxx