St Tropez Bronzing Powder

My Fave bronzing powder which I've been using the past few years has been the 'St Tropez' bronzing powder (£20.50 from Boots). From some of my previous posts you'll have noticed that I'm a massive fan of St Tropez. I use the Everyday gradual tan lotion , the mousse, the tan remover etc but apart from my Fave gradual tan lotion (which enables me to build a natural, more sunkissed tan) I also adore the bronzing powder.

St Tropez bronzing powder comes in an attractive black square compact complete with a good sized quality mirror which is still handy to have in your handbag/make up bag when your powder runs out.

The bronzing powder is pressed and I love the scent of it, It has a summery, beachy scent to it. It just reminds me of tropical beaches. The powder is silky and glides smoothly onto the skin, again this is a product which you can build up and go as dark as you want.

St Tropez bronzing powder is great for adding as an essential to your make up routine to give you a sunkissed look, mored definition too as it's also brilliant for contouring. Blend any tan patches with the powder or dust over your current tan if you want it to look a bit more deep.

St tropez tanning products are the best in my opinion as you get a natural tan which makes you look more exotic/just been on holiday. The products also make your skin look more attractive, toned, slimmer and more defined. See my previous St Tropez gradual tan lotion review in previous post for a more in depth review.

The bronzing powder also lasts and looks great from the moment you put it on till you wash it off at night. You can use it on your face and body so it really is an essential and must have all year round but esp as the warmer weather is coming.