Michael Jackson #Xscape

Ahhhhhhh so I'm still on cloud 9 about this new album as is every other Michael Jackson fan & anyone who has proper taste in REAL music by a REAL ARTIST. And not just any artist THE no 1, greatest entertainer of all time.....Mr Michael J Jackson.

We all miss him and we hold on to all the Amazing work and masterpieces he left behind. Of course we still have the 'moneygrabbers' Wade Robson & Mr SafeChuck (An MJ fan on twitter called him Mr 'DumbF**k, See us MJ Fans can be just as creative lol) Anyway, we all just yawn and it doesn't bother us that much anymore. I think it does anger MJ fans that people like Wade Robson who was happy to get all the opportunities and luxuries that came along with being a friend with MJ when he was alive, has suddenly decided to see if he can cash in and make a couple of dollars as he knows Michael is still slaying the musical world and is still celebrated and forever loved by people of all ages.

Also, when the likes of  Wade Robson, Arvisos, SafeChuck, Chandlers (Jordy's still living the high life thanks to the money MJ had to pay to end the nightmare and humiliation). There will no doubt be more of these so called 'friends' who'll all of a sudden come out the woodwork with some crappy allegation which, like the others will fade into nowhere when their attempts to scrounge off Michael's Estate fail.

Also, uneducated people need to remember, Michael was found NOT GUILTY OF ALL CHARGES and I suggest you look at the facts and the real stories of the people who made these allegations.

Ok, So onto Michael's new album Xscape!!!!!! (Buy it now from iTunes or Amazon in either the original or the Deluxe)

I ordered the Deluxe Xscape Album from Amazon. I think it was £11.00 but check just to be on the safe side as prices vary.

So the deluxe album has the gold cover and MJ on the front. I love the design of this Album sleeve it reminds me of Michaels gold trousers and the sparkly multi coloured jacket (I want that jacket lol) that he wore on stage.

The Album comes with a gorgeous poster which reminds me of the 'Blood on the dancefloor' era. I'm getting this framed. There is the booklet with the lyrics etc inside. 2 Cds, one is the documentary about the making of the album and the other is of course the album itself plus the remixes/re-works whatever you want to call them by Timbaland etc.

Obvioulsy I'm going to love the demos the most because MJ was such a perfectionist that often his demos sounded like completed songs. I don't mind people having a go at remixes as long as they put michaels original versions on too.

Track list (Xscape, Deluxe):

Love never felt so good
Loving you
A place with no name
Slave to the Rhythm
Do you know where your children are
Blue Gangsta

Love never felt so good (Original Version)
Chicago (Original Version)
Loving You (Original Version)
A place with no name (Original Version)
Slave to the Rhythm (Original Version)
Do you know where your children are (Original Version)
Blue Gangsta (Original Version)
Xscape (Original Version)
Love never felt so good Feat Justin Timberlake

I can't really say which are my Fave songs off this album cause I'm in love with them all. The album makes me feel happy, uplifted, full of joy at hearing Michael's voice and having these treasures to add to a huge amazing list of classic musical masterpieces of michaels that the world is lucky to have.

Well, I hope you buy the album and if you have done.....enjoy every moment of it!

With L.O.V.E

♥Love you Michael Forever and Always♥