Colour Effects Conditioning Colour (Superdrug)

Last year when I spent 5 HOURS at Toni & Guy having the Jet Black hair dye removed from my hair. (Always be careful if you're going to dye your hair black and get it removed professionally, don't go near bleach either cause you don't want to damage your hair) Anyway, my natural hair colour is dark brown so I opted for a warm brown with red tones in.

I was lucky that my hair turned out beautiful (my stylist at Toni & Guy is fabulous, so are the rest of the staff so check out a branch near you if you get the chance). My stylist recommended a product to me to keep my colour looking fresh & vibrant in between my visits to the salon. She advised that due to hair colourants tending to fade each time you wash that you should use a 'toner' just to keep the colour fresh. She recommended (and I Looovveeee this product so much that I buy tons of it & use it every time I wash my hair, I always get compliments on my hair) that I used 'Superdrugs Colour Effects conditioning toner' They come in a silver bottle and have up to 3 applications per bottle, they come in a variety of shades and they cost......wait for it..... £1.49!!!!!! (Check price on Superdrug cause they had an offer on recently)  I'm addicted to this product and enjoy using it. My hair is silky soft with gorgeous red and brown tones through it.

I shampoo and condition my hair as normal, then I gently dab my hair of excess water with a towel and I take a handfull of the toner and work it through my hair from root to tip. I leave it to work its magic for 5 mins (I usually use my body scrub during this time) then I rinse my hair. It is a bit messy as the colour rinses out (don't worry about it cause the colour is still locked into the hair) then once it's all clear that's it, dry and style as usual.

I'm so glad my stylist told me about this product as I love the condition and colour of my hair since using it and you can't go wrong with the price. Hope you get the chance to try it, you'll be addicted. Whenever I see them in Superdrug I buy tons of them :  )