Beauty Tips from Hollywood Glamour Icons!

Hope you're enjoying the heatwave if you're in the UK, I'm in the garden writing this blog post and it's bliss : )

I love the Classic Glamour of real Hollywood Icons from back in the day, the likes of Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Marilyn Monroe etc. Each were unique and beautiful in their own way and had their own style which we even see today. These are the ladies that started it all and I've been reading a lot lately about classic hollywood, the beauty, the styles.

I wanted to include one of my Fave Glamour Icons here 'Elizabeth Taylor' but I could'nt find any beauty tips releated to her apart from her belief in every woman should wear perfume. I believe in this too, I can't live without my fave scents and it does give you a confidence boost to know you smell good, plus, it drives men wild : )

So here are some beauty tips these Hollywood Icons swear by:(I wouldn't say Marlene Dietrich 's method of shaving off your brows and drawing a line up higher than your actual browline is the way to go, but she was a trendsetter and this was a look that many had adopted back then and can still be seen today)

♥Joan Crawford ~ Joan would rise at 4am every morning and would shower, scrub her arms and hands with soap and hot water, then she'd grab a handful of ice cubes and cold water and splash them on her face exactly 25 times. Joan believed this kept her skin looking good, toned and her pores tight. After a hot shower she would blast herself with cold water as she believed this tightened her pores.

Joan would chew gum everyday as she believed it helped keep her jaw and cheekbones looking toned and defined.

Joan insisted that her movie and photoshoot sets were freezing cold, she believed this helped keep her make up looking good and her skin firm.

Joan would apply make up twice a day as she liked to look 'fresh faced'and perfect at all times.

Joan would never leave the house without looking her glamorous best, she once said 'I want to leave the house looking like Joan Crawford, if you want the girl next door, go next door'.

♥Marilyn Monroe ~ Marilyn like Joan was a fan of the ice cubes in cold water routine although she would splash her face 15 times instead of Joans 25.

Marilyn also swore by ice cube baths which consisted of ice cubes, cold water and two drops of her fave scent 'Chanel no5'. She believed this method kept her skin toned, youthful and cellulite free.

Marilyn would wear hair pieces to give her hair added volume and padded bras for more definition.

♥Bette Davis ~ Bette swore by this, which she did every night without fail. Cucumbers on the eyelids before bed, then petroleum jelly underneath the eyes to prevent dark circles and puffiness in the morning.

♥Natalie Wood ~ Natalie was a fan of bold dramatic eyes, thick eye liner and lashings of mascara. She would team this with peach or pink blush and a neutral/peach lip.

Natalie kept her trim fiqure doing ballet.

♥Bridget Bardot ~ Bridget made the 'big hair, winged eyeliner and baby doll pink lips' famous and is still a statement look today.

Bridget always advised to wear a big hat in strong sunlight to protect your complexion and skin. She believed wearing hats in the sun protected against aging.

♥Marlene Dietrich ~ As mentioned earlier, marlene had her own unique look which included shaving her eyebrows off and drawing them back on thiner and higher. She believed this lifted the face, made her look more youthful and her eyes bigger.

Marlene would always only apply eyeliner and mascara to the top of her eyes as she believed that putting make up on the bottom of her eyes made her eyes look small and droopy.

♥Audrey Hepburn ~ Audrey was a fan of the babydoll look, a look she maintained. She kept her brows thick and tidy as she believed they helped frame her eyes. She would brush them everynight before bed to encourage growth.

Audrey would use a pin to seperate her lashes after each application of mascara to achieve her signature babydoll eyes.

Audrey would snack on ice cubes to help maintain her tiny frame.