Vitamin E Eye Cream (The Body Shop) #Review

I've been looking for a good eye cream the past few weeks and wasn't sure which one to get. I was browsing on 'The Body Shop' website and came across the bestselling Vitamin E Eye Cream (£10.00, 15ml). I had a look through the reviews and people were commenting that it was the best eye cream they'd ever used and some said they'd been using it for years.

I started using it last week. After taking my make up off in the evening, my eyes were tired and felt a little bit puffy. I patted (pat a little pea sized amount around underneath the eye, don't rub in or massage too hard as this can cause the skin to sag) a little around underneath my eye and it felt very soothing. The skin underneath my eyes felt soothed and calmer, there was no redness or stinging. The cream smells nice and melts into the skin without any residue. Your eyes look more awake and the skin underneath looks like it has been 'lifted' and healthy with a glow. I needed a really good eye cream as I wear a lot of eye makeup and I want to look after not only my skin but the skin around my eyes.

I've been using this for a few days and I love it already. I dot/pat a little of the cream under my eyes first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

The cream is available for all skin types. The Body Shop have other products in the Vitamin E range. The Moisture Serum, Gentle Facial Wash, Cleanser, Moisture Cream and Night Cream are also best sellers and score 5/5 in customer reviews so check out the Vitamin E range.

The Body Shop website offers Free Standard delivery on orders over £20.