The Rant! NOT a Happy Customer!!

Ok, So I didn't want to have to write this blog post cause I didn't want anyone to think I was a moaning minnie but it has to be done, for the sake of honest reviews, beauty bloggers and consumers everywhere it has to be done : D

To be quite honest I was pissed off and really annoyed at the crappy "customer service" from @BijouledGlamour it's been a nightmare from start to finish. Obviously this isn't a professional company but some woman who creates designs on phone cases at home and charges a fortune for them. I'm probably going to come across as negative in this blog post so please forgive me, you know from my previous blog posts that I always try to look for the positive stuff in things but hopefully you can understand my reasons for feeling pissed off about this. I want to be upfront and honest in my blog posts and if something is not worth the money or a company is dodgy then people should know.

Ok, From the beginning, two and a half weeks ago... I ordered a phone case from @BijouledGlamour I said that I wanted a Michael Jackson picture put on with some pink/lilac stones and that my case was a  Samsung Galaxy S4. She (The woman who is BijouledGlamour) charged me £18.99 and said that it wouldn't be a problem (I sent her the MJ pic I wanted) and that It would be in the post in the next few days. I ordered it on the Monday and thought I'd have it by Saturday, Didn't come, I just put it down to...maybe she's still doing bits and pieces on it or the post is slow. Saturday came along and I hadn't heard anything from her to say it had been posted or anything (In professional companies and people with manners lol usually send an email/confirmation text to let you know your order has been despatched). I DM'd her on Twitter on the Saturday and she said that it had been put in the post, so I thought, Ok, No problem. The week going on from that when it got to the Wednesday.....still no parcel, I send her another DM which she took ages to reply back to (even though she was tweeting on her main twitter page) saying this time that she had posted it on MONDAY. I let it go cause I just couldn't be bothered with any hassle and didn't want to make a fuss. So Wed/Thurs/Fri etc rolled on, no parcel...we come to today, which is Thursday and by this time I was pissed off, it seemed all a bit dodgy to me and she never checked to see if I'd got the phone case. I got the impression that she was quick to take the payment but couldn't be bothered after that.

So today, I tweeted her to see what was going on and again.....I got a reply saying it was in the post??? I'm like, you said this two weeks ago and you say this every time I ask you. She then asked me what was the name of the person who made the payment so I reminded her of my details. I didn't get a reply back after that so I DM'd her and she asked me if my details (paypal etc) were correct??? I'm like...yesssss, I only just ordered my Bobbi Brown stuff last week and it came in the post fine. I told her straight, I have the email which says I have made a payment of £18.99 to you. She then said she'd checked it and didn't know what to do about it. I was left confused, she wasn't professional, that was obvious, she just carried on tweeting on her main page and didn't respond to my messages. I asked her...why are you not checking with your post office? you must've got a receipt when you sent the parcel??......No response from her. So I said I would seek Legal Advice (I know it sounds a bit over the top but I was fuming).

Eventually I got a long DM from her banging on about how she felt 'Insulted' by me and said she would send out another case. (I found this all a bit dodgy, if she had REALLY sent my case out in the first place...why was she quick to send out another one? If you spend time and money on something and you posted it and it didn't arrive, you'd check with your post office wouldn't you?, I know I would) So I said OK that's fine and just wanted to leave it at that.

Then, I get another DM saying that she wasn't going to send me a case, she was going to give me a refund cause she didn't want to sell to someone like me and that I should learn some manners. I told her that I would learn some manners when she learns some customer service skills.She then asked how much I paid??? (So unprofessional) I told her and then she sent me another DM saying....As for  saying I have no customer service skills 13+000 followers would disagree, and then she blocked me.

Don't worry, I check my pay pal account and the refund is there. The whole situation was a Joke and when I ordered the case two and a half weeks ago her words clearly were.....It will be posted in the next few days. I have seen customers who tweet her asking when their phone cases are being sent cause they've been waiting ages so obviously this isn't a rare thing with her. She should be upfront and tell people that it'll take some time, I think she doesn't tell people cause she knows 9/10 they'll go elsewhere. And as for the comments about her having 13+000 followers, half of them are following her because of the Sweet Treats Giveaways (They send out a twitpic of a list of twitter pages to follow and tell you to follow and RT it for a chance to win something) . There's no website so you can't find out what other customers reviews are.

Well, I'm sorry if this has been a bleak post to read but I needed to vent and let you guys know in case you were thinking of ordering from BijouledGlamour, look around for other sites, I know @pinksugarc  @Chlocreationsuk @Glitterbugsbtq all do gorgeous customized cases etc and I've seen positive tweets about them, wish I'd have ordered from one of them in the first place but there you go.

I feel better now and thank you for reading this, Much Love : )) xxxxxx